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Hidden messages? Not very. - Vin
Is it just my fevered imagination, or is it just possible that something strange is going on in this site, such that we are receiving subliminal messages in our beloved backroom? Read the following excerpts, open your mind to the cosmos, and you may receive a hidden message.

I quote:

"...and broker4cars often have great deals..."

" one from broker4cars..."

"...I bought a UK supplied Scenic from them at great discount and got three yrs manufacturers warranty..."

"...perhaps you'd be better off at broker4cars..."

Did you hear it? Try rereading those messages again and again, and after a while it'll get through to you.

Funny, I'd never heard of them until a week or so ago; now I feel I've known them all my life.

To quote bogbrush, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
Re: Hidden messages? They works - John Slaughter

Worked on me. Excellent quote from them last week. Wife's happy! No, I don't work for them.


Re: Hidden messages? They works - KB
I, also was one of those who quoted above, and I have no connection whatsoever with them either, it just seemed to be the right answer for Phillipe. Perhaps it's just that most people agreed on something for a change. And if a topic occurs, isn't it a bit obvious that a number of contributors are going to refer to it, hence the name occuring more often than before - or have I got it all wrong?
Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - David Millar
Unfortunately, maybe it isn't your fevered imagination. Could it be an example of how commercial interests noting a successful website, move to exploit it at little cost to themselves but to the detriment of the site? Hopefully not, but I personally find it difficult to give credence to contributors who cloak their e-origins. The daft names I can live with because it's easy to impose self-censorship and ignore those postings which are a 90% waste of time.

Unfortunately, it does look as though there is a case for registration of contributors so at least the moderator has some opportunity of judging bona fides. The downside is that registration may discourage new contributors. Having said that, some of the recent 'wild' postings have probably been doing that anyway. Hopefully, it's a passing phase and Santa will bring the culprit(s) some new toys as a distraction.

Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - Vin
KB, I read your comments as being from the same source as all the others - "K" (must clean my glasses), so I apologise if I've accused you of something of which you're innocent.

So, OK, I accept you're genuine - but who is the mysterious "K"? Why does he/she hide their origins? He may be innocent, but it seems strange to me that he only seems to have popped up since we had the recent advertising blitz onsite from broker4cars.

Perhaps I'm paranoid but as Kissinger said, even paranoids have real enemies.

Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - KB
Thanks for your comments Vin. I didn't actually realise that, for a short while, I was thought of as belonging to a group of people with a 'hidden agenda' and I'm pleased to know that I've been relieved of same.

As it happens, I've chosen to withold my full Email address to public display because I'm S**t scared of catching a virus or something similar from a respondee who, as a stranger that I don't know, may unwittingly pass it on through an address book related bug or something similar. I'm not all thay well up on these matters and having already been passed a virus in the past, am a bit nervous of getting another. Having said that, I have corresponded with HJ and Martyn the BRM, and both will have my details if it were thought there was any monkey business afoot.

Yours in innocence, KB
Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - Honest John
It just so happens that is offering some of the best safe deals on UK supplied cars currently available. Are we supposed to hide this fact?

Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - ladas are cool
what if i put 'lada cars are nice' a couple of hundred times, will that make all of you go and buy one ;-)
Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - Vin
Obviously I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't find out where the best deals are, or I wouldn't have done my recent "auction prices vs car supermarket" research. However, what we want is *unbiased* advice.

What I was pointing out is that there is a possibility (only that) that your site is being used by someone to advertise their business. We have an anonymous poster, "K", telling us that broker4cars will get the best deal. I've never seen a previous posting by "K", but of course he might just be a first time visitor to your site. However, his edited web address is ( A fairly small percentage of your posters come up the same, including the poster "broker4cars" who is connected with the website in question.

I hope I'm wrong and that your site isn't being used as a cheap form of advertising. If it is, I thought you might be at least mildly concerned. One of the great strengths of your site is that the trade people who post here don't try to push their own businesses ( and have been very reluctant to do so ).

Obviously you're not concerned by the possibility, so I'll shut me gob.

Re: Hidden messages? Not very. - dan
I would say...I agree with yers.
This site is beseiged by a variety of characters. From pluggers and multiple personality dullbulbs to soapbox loonies who seem no less intense for having 100's of miles of cable seperating you. (I can't help reading those sort of posts at an uncomfortably fast rate as if l'm caught up in some sort of anxiety attack...or is that just me?)


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