Useless dealers - Martyn
Why is it so hard to spend money? There is a recession on, Christmas is coming, and no one seems to want to buys cars. Well I do, and all I've met with is totally apathy and crap service. If I had my way then every dealership within 20 miles of my house would be closed down.
Re: Useless dealers - T lucas
Re: Useless dealers - Martyn
Because they are apathetic and give crap service. I have to travel to find a car so they'd just as well not be there.
Re: Useless dealers - Dwight Van-Driver
Welcome to the real world Martyn. Majority of firms now work on the premis that the customer is there for their convienance as opposed to vice versa when I was a lad and the customer was king.
Re: Useless dealers - Simon Saxton

Hi Martyn,
Some time ago I was seriously considering a Subaru Legacy & wanted LPG.Local dealers had ability to embody the conversion but despite several phone calls & a visit,I was unable to get any detailed information & despite repeated promises, unable to get even a test drive.After a few weeks I simply gave up & bought another make.
Re: Useless dealers - Lee H
I've never been bothered enough to try it, but would it be worth complaining to Subaru direct? I'm sure they'd like to know just which of the dealerships are losing them sales.

If you can tell them about your hassles, just after you've bought a new car, I think they'd sit up and listen, having lost a definite sale.

Re: Useless dealers - Stuart B
Martyn, you might like to take a look at Rover 75 demo thread to see what I think. They are not all like that I can assure you.
Re: Useless dealers - AFM
"If I had my way then every dealership within 20 miles of my house would be closed down."

If you can offer us, the consumers, a better service, then they will be closed down.

Re: Useless dealers - Andrew Hamilton
No problem at car auctions! They can't wait to take your money and you save all that depreciation.
Deja Vu on this one ... - ian (cape town)

Growler wrote, in an earlier thread about a hire car company....
This transaction was managed with such a total disregard for anything resembling customer service or personal consideration that I wondered, as I always do within minutes of arriving in Britain, whether people actually go to classes to learn how to alienate customers, and that these behaviors are in fact a job requirement in UK following some sort of Euro-ruling by the Ministry of Grey.

I think that sums it up admirably...
Re: Useless dealers - Gerald
Martyn doesn't say what has prompted his blanket condemnation. Hard to judge whether he makes a valid point.

I have just purchased my second new Rover car (in five years) from my local Rover main dealer. Good service from friendly and knowledgeable staff. One example, but there must be many other satisfied customers out there. Trouble is, it's mainly the whingers who write to forums like The Back Room and similar in the printed media.
Re: Useless dealers - Andrew Tarr
This symptom usually indicates that business is good, and they are trying to turn more away without giving offence. That isn't what they tell us though, is it?
Re: Useless dealers - Martyn
Yesterday I met a v-e-r-y helpful SEAT dealer who will probably get the money - 'nuff said?
Re: Useless dealers - Martin Wall
I once experienced a Toyota dealer who refused to give me a test drive until I had agreed to buy a car!!!

I asked him what didn't he undesrtand about the words 'test' and 'drive' - in the end I gave up and bought another make.

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