Central London bike thanks - Thommo
I have been riding the motorbike in Central London a lot over the past two weeks and have received an uncommon amount of curtesy from other road users. In one example a red bus held up traffic on my right so that I could turn right out of a side road AND a red bus on the other side of the road stopped so that I had clear passage.

Just like to say thanks publically and sorry that I can not normally acknowledge it on the road as when on a bike in Central London both hands must be on the bars at all times and eyes on swivel mode because there's a lot going on including suicicdal pedestrians.
Central London bike thanks - Hugo {P}
Although I don't live in the centre of London, I was up there the other week in my new van.

I noticed just how many other people showed courtesy whilst I was carrying out manuvres in the LWB Primastar. OFten letting me out in front of them.

The same is true where I live in Cornwall. I have heard tales of people driving hire vans and getting no courtesy whatsoever. I have never had that problem apart from one stupid woman who insisted in blocking access to my can near traffic lights and simply smiled and laughed when I told her I needed to get in.

That time I simply got in the passenger side and started her up as normal. I suppose she thought I had no rights as a scruffy builder when seh was driving a shiny new golf. When we pulled away from the lights she then tried to cause an accident by stopping in front of me thus holding all the traffic up - agreat motoring manuvre - not!

I think that motoring is base on "what goes around comes around" If you're polite and considerate to other road users and have patience with the odd mistake then you get less stressed and this shows to other road users, who then by and large treat you with the same respect and dignity.

Of course there's always the exception - just hope Darwin is at work here.....


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