When do I have to get my car MoT'd in order to preserve the 12 months?

My car is coming up to 3 years old and I recently received a notification of this from the DVSA which said I would need to MoT the car by June 30th. I checked with a local garage how soon before the due date could I have the MoT done without losing the first registration anniversary date and he said a month before. I had the MoT done on June 9th and both myself and the garage were surprised that the certificate gives June 8th 2018 as the renewal date and not June 30th as we expected. In other words I have lost three weeks. The mechanic has advised me to phone the DVSA although surely this his is responsibility for giving me the wrong information. Or do you think it is solely a computer error ?

Asked on 12 June 2017 by Stephen

Answered by Honest John
For a first MoT carried out early, in order to get it dated from the registration date of the car you need to take the V5C to the testing station.
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