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what do you think about main dealers as a whole - I had some new directional tyres fitted at a porsche main dealer - get back home while admiring them noticed they had been put on with the arrow facing the wrong way - ok they resolved the problem and did financially compensate but what would have happened in the event of an accident????- tell me your stories.
Re: main dealers - tyres - Pete Fincher
The only time i had any dealings with a main dealer for tyres they wanted 3 times the price i eventually got them for. I suspect that they would not fit them themselves anyway. Living in Hampshire, I always use Micheldever Tyres; they have always been cheaper than any other outfit. They are also very efficient, the only problem is an unduly long wait to have the tracking checked.
Re: main dealers - tyres - Tristan Chaize
I have enough stories (true and proveable) about main dealers to fill a book. My advice is NEVER go anywhere them unless someone else is paying. Here are a few examples.
Jaguar XJ6 blown engine in 1987. Main Dealer price for recon £1500 + fitting. I had it done for £300 inclusive.
BMW recon manual gearbox £2000 fitted. I had it done for £450 inclusive.
Nissan Maxima ECU £1200 + VAT part. (God knows what for fitting) I paid £175 for the part and fitted it in 20 minutes.
Toyota dagnosed requirement £800 for 1 caliper 2 discs and pads with fitting. It cost me £22 inc VAT and perfect.
Audi 200 turbo replacement radiator fan relay after 2 WHOLE days £125. Need i say more? (it plugs into the fuse box)
I sometimes use central tyres, in Alton. i don't really know them, but I talk to the guy doing the work, make friends, and give him a drink.
If you know nothing about car repair, ask a friend who does. NEVER trust a main dealer unless you are not paying. They are not evil. They just replace everything at full price even when it could be fixed. They are for big companies who don't care.

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