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I've recently had my Fabia Comfort (X Reg - 2000) serviced by the local Skoda garage and ever since then I end up with wet carpets on the passenger side whenever it rains.

I've removed the glove box and can see that the unit behind (looks like a turbo fan but most likely the heating fan) is leaking water. It's not actually from the fan, but from a flap type object behind it.

Does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual to tell me how to take this thing apart, or indeed how to stop the water from getting into the ventalation system?

Thoughts appreciated,

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This is happening probably because your garage didn't refit the pollen filter and its seal back correctly. I would take it back and ask them to check if it's seated properly.
(Educated guess used up) :o)
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This seems to be a particular "trait" of VW-group cars. There are many of them that suffer from water leaks into cabin due to incorrectly seated pollen filters. Definitely worth going back to the garage and getting them to check.
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Similar problems with Ford Focus if pollen filter cover is incorrectly replaced.
Skoda Fabia: Leaking ventilation - SkodaMike
Thanks guys,

I've booked it back in for this wednesday. Lets hope they can fix it.

Could anyone descripbe where this pollen filter is in the car? I think it's near the battery and would guess that it's on the bulkhead, but other than that I haven't a scooby.


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I think it's on the passenger side under the plastic scuttle.
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Could anyone descripbe where this pollen filter is in the car?

This site will tell you.

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Make sure when the car goes into the dealers that they check and unblock the drains in the tray below the grill where the wiper spindles come through. The bottom of this tray is the outside of the flap you saw from under the dash. The drains are narrow slots which get blocked with leaves, berries and other rubbish. If the drains get blocked the tray will flood when it rains and overflow into the ventilation system, ours did.
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my dad had this on 2001 passat - took the colver off near pollen filter and noticed it was full of dead leaves etc - this was blocking the drainage up and in turn was spilling into the cabin.
either take it back to garage or take cover off near pollen filter and make sure everythink is clear and free from crap


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My 1997 Passat has been doing exactly the same after a service. Just got back from the garage now after having it checked out. It's never leaked water before, so here's hoping that a incorrectly seated pollen filter was the cause!

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Well, the final verdict was that the phelan chamber was filling up with water as the filter at teh bottom had become choked. It would permit water to drain slowly, but if there was a big downpour (or washing up bowl of water poured on the windscreen) then it couldn't cope and would flood back in over the heater box.

The garage had it for two days to find this and charged me £120 for the privalage. I just hope that this posting saves the same situation for others.

They did clean out the scuttle tray and remove the chocked filter entirely, but £120? It's a bit steep.

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To save you time and money of the garage and also removing parts of the glove box etc.

The is rubber flap that is a quiet not known about that you can get to and save all the money, I only know about the place by really digging on the web.

Look for the ECU and see if the material just blow is wet then get you hand and feel around that area and you will feel 2 flaps of rubber.

Open them and place your finger in and feel and around. You may here a lot of water falling and rubbish as well.

I should have my passenger side dry by the summer.

From reading about the fault it mite be worth while taking out the glove box, due to the foam tray that's sits below it full of foam and I think WIRES.

One way of knowing that you have the fault is that the battery may go flat, Air bag light may be on, and other interesting thing may happen as well. My Alarm and flat battery happened and now the air bag light is on, I will wait until it dry and then get the faults reset. It also may of got my horn not to play.

Have a look and it is a easy one to fix.

Many thanks.


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