Car care - wax and/or polish? - holly1
Has anyone here got any advice on how best to protect the paintwork of a car? For some time now I have used the Autoglym range of products, in particular the Super Resin Polish. Car looks like new for a few days but it then starts to loose its shine again. Worse still, if it rains watermarks appear on the car (the bonnet in particular).

However, one of the guys in work advised me not to use this product after washing because it is a polish. I should use a wax first, and then a polish ..... but the instructions on the bottle don't mention using wax, they just suggest using their product to wash the car (which I do) and then after drying apply the polish.

Im now confused and after spending about an hour in Halfords last night trying to select waxes, polishes etc. I left empty handed.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli
I use AutoGlym, especially the (remarkably named) Body Shampoo and Conditioner and the Super Resin Polish.

After washing the car using the former I apply, when appropriate, the Super Resin Polish. Each subsequent car wash is done with the shampoo and the polish only needs renewing about every four months or so.

The car always gleams and the water runs off in beads just as with any other polish or wax. In fact if it rains pretty hard the car doesn't need washing...:-)
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli

The AutoGlym glass cleaner is undoubtedly the best of its type I've ever used and I've tried a few believe me.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Sprice
Every week, auto express do tests on different car products, from what I remember, when they tested polishes a while back, they swore by turtle wax products. Autoglym always do well, but their cost counts against them according to auto express.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli
Turtle Wax has always enjoyed highly complimentary reviews for many, many years - in fact I've seen tests in which it beats all other competitors.

The secret of AutoGlym and similar brands is that their products are not only effective, but prove much easier to use.

The soft paste type window cleaner is one example.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Roger Jones
Stick to Autoglym and finish off with their Extra Gloss Protection. And, believe it or not, it is worth watching their video on how to clean a car, as well as following the instructions on the bottles.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - patently
Hear Hear.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Ben {P}
3m Imperial Hand Glaze.

It all dpends what condition your paint work is in. For the best results, after washing, cutting polishes are used to get the paint "as good as new", or as near ot it as you can get. Then sealants are used to protect the now gleaming body. Most polishes you will find in halfords will cut the paint, and protect it all in one go.

Sealants- such as turtle wax gloss guard, and auto glym extra gloss protection- are often refered to as waxes. Yet many do not contain any waxes. Back in the old days real good car wax contained real canuba wax. Some people still use it, it gives a great shine, but the finish is not as durable as modern sealants. These products should be used after a polish that has cut the paint.

I have found the 3m product exellent at removing fine scratches and swirl marks. Its easy to use, has a light cutting effect and seals the paint well. Unlike the sealants measured above the water does not bead up, it appears to sheet off the bodywork. I find i get far less water marks with this product compared to all the others i have tried. It's the best at reviving car wash damaged paint i have used.

If there are more serious scratches and blemishes i use a little 3m fast cut first.

3m products are available from most car paint shops. Farcela (is that spelt right?) offer similar products, which are also meant to be very good- i haven't used them personally though.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli
You shouldn't, however, treat metallic paintwork in this way because of the clear lacquer surface.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Roberson
"Car looks like new for a few days but it then starts to loose its shine again. Worse still, if it rains watermarks appear on the car "

This sounds as if your paintwork has oxidised. (I could be wrong) You could try using a cutting paste like "T-Cut" or "T-Cut for metallics" which will remove a thin layer of paint to reveal better paint beneath.

Then go over the car with any wax of your choice. (Like Autoglym Super Resin Polish)

I was always under the impression that a polish removes a thin layer of paint and waxes are then the "sealant". But I think the marketing boffins at car care manufactures use any term they like for both?

Car care - wax and/or polish? - holly1
Know what you mean about ease of use, some of those tins of waxes are a nightmare to use.

Where do you get hold of a copy of the Autoglym video? I presume it is a trade only thing? Think I will get some of their extra gloss top coat and try it out on a small area.

My hubbies car is the same age as mine but my paintwork has always been perfect because I have looked after it. Unfortunately, I made the big mistake of taking it to the car wash last year after it got filthy out on site and I didnt have the time to clean it myself. Paintwork has never been as good as it used to since.

Looks like I will be in for some hard labour this weekend trying to sort it out.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Dynamic Dave
I\'ve said it before, and I\'ll say it again. I use MER.

I\'ve previously I\'ve used Turtlewax, and Symonize GT-40, both in paste formats. Also previously used Colourmagic.

Did I mention that I now use MER, and will continue to do so?

Car care - wax and/or polish? - holly1
I used MER after seeing it on QVC and its pretty good stuff. Easy to apply and remove, only reason I no longer use it is because everyone kept buying me gift packs of Autoglym and its become a bit of a habit now.

There are quite a few different products on those shopping channels but you never know anyone else who has used them!!
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli
I use to use MER in the early 1990s and it's pretty good - you can also add it to the water when washing your car.

However, as most realised, this left a film of wax on glass as well and it could prove a nuisance on the windscreen when using the wipers.

The difference, as I've pointed out earlier, with modern equivalents is that they are equally or more so effective, yet easier to apply and finish off.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Nsar
This going to sound like heresy, lunacy or both to some people here. My car got a deeper than normal scratch on it. It didn't go through the lacquer but it's deeper than say a car wash scratch. I live half a mile up a dirt track so my car isn't always super clean but I won't go through a car wash because of the damage they do and I do wax/polish every fourth wash and I went over the scratch a few times with Simoniz with no noticeable effect. Having cured a scratch on a piece of plastic on a painting by rubbing a tiny bit of floor wax over it I had a go at that. Again no noticeable effect but neither was it any different in ease of application or effect to the Simoniz but it is a fraction of the price and being floor polish is designed to put up with bit more than rain.
Why bother with expensive waxes? Are we being taken in in the same way that shampoo manufacturers con punters with cobblers about jojoba and the like, when all it really is is a bit of detergent with perfume added?
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Stuartli
Would this link to scratch proof film be of any help?
Car care - wax and/or polish? - SjB {P}
Although there are quite a few good polishes, having tried all the usual suspects, my vote goes for Autoglym Super Resin, which I've now used exclusively for many years, and which wins hands-down.

When it comes to washing, I've found that Halfords 'Advanced' car shampoo is not just good value, but superbly effective. The water beads a treat, and together with the Autoglym Super Resin polish, the shine lasts for ages. In fact, I polished my wife's Oberon (dark metallic) green 306 with Super Resin when we purchased it two years ago, and I haven't polished it again since. Sure, the car gets washed every week, sometimes twice in the winter, but the paint on this ten year old car gleams beautifully, and is smooth to the touch.

Finally, chamois leathers. These are crucial to a Top Job, and by far the best I have found is another Autoglym Product, their synthetic chamois. If ever there was a water magnet, this is it. Quite amazing, and it washes up like new after every few usages.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Ben {P}
I have also tried the halfords car wash- its excellent. I stopped buying it because i found Simoniz car wash so cheap at Cost Co.

Dont know what Stuartli is on about. Car body shops use the same stuff i do on laquered paint. What evidence do you have that 3m fast cut and hand glaze are not suitable for metallic paint? The 3m web-site and the well respected paint shop, and body shops (two) i visited (with the car i was to use it on) said these products were best. I think you have made a mistake. Indeed the stuff you posted a link to is 3m!

Using normal T-cut on metallic paint is a bad idea- as Vansboy has mentioned on these pages. Eats the laquer, hence they made t-cut for metallic paint.

Dont know how, but the 3m hand glaze appears to fill in the minor scratches- dont knock it untill you use it. The initial price appears high, but the containers are large, and it is best use sparingly.

Autoglym products at halfords prices are a rip off. Visit a large car dealer- they can buy auto glym products in large drums at a fraction the price.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Dynamic Dave
I've sworn never to buy AutoGlym products after the jobsworth salesman at a motorshow I was once at wouldn't budge from the retail price of any of his products. His excuse was that local shops in the vicinity complain about the competition.

I popped across to the MER stand and everything was almost 50% of the retail prices. They called it a "show special offer". Told the bloke on the MER stand about the AutoGlym stand, and he said I wasn't the first to mention it.

That's one of the reasons I use MER products. Does a good job, and the company tend to look after their customers.
Car care - wax and/or polish? - Vansboy
Dave - pleeeeeeeze don't use Mer too much, on the new car - it's a POLISH, not just a wax.

I was a convert from AutoGlym, from years back, 'cos the product seemed unstable - we always thought the recipe was being changed, one batch to the next! The factory is close to us, too & you can't fault their training, for trade users.

Then I was always a Mer fan, but now.... you REALLY do need to try it!!

& if you're worried about the cost,(it's not in Halfords) find one of the smaller independent parts shops - they'll order it for you at a good discount, if you haggle!


Car care - wax and/or polish? - Dynamic Dave
Dave - pleeeeeeeze don't use Mer too much, on the new
car - it's a POLISH, not just a wax.

Don't worry, I'm an only twice a year man when it comes to polishing the car. The only other time the MER comes out the shed is to remove stubborn marks, such as tar or light scratches from branches sticking out at the side of the road.

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