Citroen AX (L) - No lights! - dpmiller83
Today my little AX, which is in great general condition (30000 miles) is suffering.
I notice this morning that my clock stopped, my front headlights do not work, and my radio memory is playing up, and my immobiliser is, well, immobilised.
Now, after consulting the handbook, many of the faults are associated with one particular 20A fuse. I have changed this fuse (which actually looked fine), but the problems are still there!

Does anyone have any ideas?
Would it be a connection, if so, any ideas where?
What may have caused it? The clock didn't stop immediately after starting the car, took about 5 mins.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My AX may not stimulate very exciting discussion, but i need my lights...

Citroen AX (L) - No lights! - Altea Ego
I would start at the battery connections. Remove them, and clean the wires terminals and the battery posts
Citroen AX (L) - No lights! - JohnPug
Check the wiring to and from the fuse in question, if the fuse isn't blown.
I had a Renault 9, which had problems like this, a quick thump in the right area worked for me.
Citroen AX (L) - No lights! - Bromptonaut
The AX is to some extent a derivative of the Cit LNA/Talbot Samba/Pug104. Does it have a multiple earthing point on the nearside by the radiator and vulnerable to roadspray etc?. If so check and clean all connections then, if this clears yr probs thoroughly waterproof.

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