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Volvo 960 24V - Paul
Re Volvo 960 24V

I am thinking of buying another Volvo - I have a 940GLE estate

Early 90's 960 24v saloons appear a great bargin at £1500 to £2000.

Driven steadly, on mainly motorway runs, what MPG might I get? I can get low 30s out of my 940.

Do any readers own 204 BHP 24V 960s, what do they think, what should I look out for?

What do people think of the auto box - any good?


Paul Whitehead
Re: Volvo 960 24V - DIESEL DAVE
My darling Mother in Law has a 960 24v Automatic Estate its the top of the range with leather seats and all the toys - its J registered and only covered 44000 miles. It does use an awful lot of fuel though and whilst it could be described as bomb - proof, I would not advise you to get one of these, the 850 range is much nicer to drive and more economical - £ 3000 should get you a decent one - look in Auto trader interactive.
Re: Volvo 960 24V - Dan J
The 960 24v Volvo in either saloon or estate flavour goes like nothing you'll ever have driven. Have been in one of these that has seen off a BM 325i and various GTI's and with your foot on the floor you'll be wondering whether the front wheels aren't going to lift off the road!

Problem is as Dave said - the fuel consumption is pretty bad though really what you'd expect from a heavy car of this nature. The (Renault based) engine is also not one of the longest lived. I am suspicious of the 6 cylinder engines as they are not the 400,000 milers that the 4 cylinder "proper" Volvo engines are though still from what I am led to believe pretty reliable.

Re auto box, I couldn't comment on reliability but they do seem to have a tendency to let the engine sit at speeds of 2,500-3,000rpm. These torquey engines will happily sit at (and use a damn site less fuel) at 1,500-2,000rpm but very smooth and supple.

Still, an excellent car and a lot more motor for your money than you'd get from a Merc or BM (and maybe faster and better equipped as well!).

Any very detailed questions try: - people from this site fall over themselves to help you and are very friendly.

Also as a direct link try:

Dan J
Re: Volvo 960 24V - Honest John
204bhp 960s go quite well and surprise sports car drivers who can't believe that a granny Volvo can be so quick. But they did have an engine casting problem that led to cracked blocks.

Re: Volvo 960 24V - Dave N
I also did the a/c on one the other day, and it had just had a new auto box as the transmission cooling pipes that run through the rad had corroded and filled the box with water. Obviously a sign of too few coolant changes.
Re: Volvo 960 24V - ROBIN
Are you sure this is a Renault based engine?
Must be a truck engine if it is ,as I think its a straight six.
go on,tell me I'm wrong!
Very nearly bought one of these until I looked in the boot,its quite ridiculously shallow with a high floor level.What twat designed that,then?
and dont tell me its to allow rear facing seats,that problem was dealt with years ago when the human race devised adequate methods of contraception.....
Re: Volvo 960 24V - Dan J
I am pretty sure the 6 pot engine is a Renault (and it is a straight 6!). Volvo did use a 6 cylinder truck engine as well which is a 2.4 Volkswagen engine as fitted to the 740, 760 and 940 cars.

The petrol tank is what intrudes into the boot and you're right, it is pretty ridiculous for such a big car isn't it?!

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