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i am now telling you about the real me, as i will be going to another forum soon.

i am a 21 year old lad from newcastle upon tyne, i am training to be a mechanic at gateshead college, i have been buying and fixing cars from auctions since i was 11, my pets consist of my two cats and my lada riva. i am an mot tester, but thats all i am, but i sometime service the cars at the garage that i work at. i am the founder of the lada enthusiasts club, and the club has been going for about a year, i have fixed and sold on about 60 cars in my lifetime. i hope this answers all your questions, and if you have any more then just ask.
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> consist of my two cats and my lada riva

Anybody who has cats can't be all bad. Not sure whether the Lada lessens this or not though.
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Ladas and cats are really very similar. They are both temperamental, slightly smelly, liable to hurt you for no reason, and don't care (and won't be changed by) how much money or affection you throw at them. Only one of them doesn't do unspeakable things to the flowerbeds.

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I suppose we all take the mickey out of Ladas, but a bloke at work had a K plate Samara from new. It had about 115K miles on it and was still going strong when some low-life pinched it about 3 months ago. If you're not too fussy about being seen in one then that's pretty low running costs by my reckoning.

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"Anybody who has cats can't be all bad."

Right in one way; but you do not "have" cats. They honour you by staying with you, subject to the amenities offered being acceptable. Thus being accepted by two cats is evidence of a good person. You are rewarded by not having to take cats for walks.

The cat we belong to at the moment defected from next door, follows me around the house, miowing, eats, and sleeps (about 16 hours per day) - on my bed, when it suits her. We have two other frequent day guests. Fortunately Tesco deliver moggynosh to supplement items from our diet, which are not all acceptable.

Then, I had an old Jaguar, once.
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well my cats are house cats, so if they decided to leave, they couldnt.

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