Damn Stupid designs - ian (cape town)
My GF has recently bought a Renault Clio.
Great car, except ... the spare wheel It sits upside-down in its well, with a toolkit in the recess, and the whole thing is bolted down
I discovered recently that to check the tyre pressure, you have to unbolt, take out toolkit, remove tyre, check the pressure, then pack the whole gubbins back again ...
I'm going to fit a length of tubing to the valve, with another valve on the end, so that the whole operation can be performed in situ, but why did they design it like that in the first place?
Re: Damn Stupid designs - Jonathan
Can you not turn the tyre round and put the "gubbins" in below the tyre in the space? I would think that this is done so you can see that all the parts are there, esp important if a hire car or a dodgy garage.

Re: Damn Stupid designs - ian (cape town)
(Smacks himself on the forehead)
Smart thinking, Batman ....
Re: Damn Stupid designs - Andrew Tarr
Ian - is your GF your girlfriend or your grandfather ?
Re: Damn Stupid designs - ian (cape town)
Girlfriend. Oops, sorry.
Re: Damn Stupid designs - Alwyn
I thought if was your General Foreman. Perhaps I was right!
Re: Damn Stupid designs - ian (cape town)
ok, Girlfriend!
That is it!
(I battled with swmbo at first...)
well, I can think of another apt phrase. the first word is "Get".
Draw your own conclusions!
Re: Damn Stupid designs - ladas are cool
i have SWMBI - she who might be ignored
Re: Damn Stupid designs - Simon Butterworth
Painted bumpers, particularly in estate cars (Xantia in my case) asking to be scratched even just by suitcase studs never mind real loads.
Re: Damn Stupid designs - Kev
Amazing how a word so detremental in name can be seen with such hign regard. What is the point of them on road cars? You really have to be cracking on a bit to get any use out of them.
Besides, if the Ferrari 550 can be without one [top speed, sorry officer, 199mph] is there any reason for one?

Re: Damn Stupid designs - ian (cape town)
Kev, damn right.
All they do on most cars is create a swirl of wind behind the car, which makes your rear lights filthy, especially on dusty days.
I've driven BMW's with both, and can feel no difference
Re: Damn Stupid designs - David W
Agree with you Simon. I will not buy any car without at least a broad black bump strip.

I've said it before but bumpers are for bumping.

Re: Damn Stupid designs - Dave
David W wrote:
> I've said it before but bumpers are for bumping.

So true!

The bumpers on the Ford Ka are fantastic!

If you scrape your bumpers a lot, and I'm thinking of the girls here ;-) , you'd save yourself a fortune in bumpers alone!
Re: Damn Stupid designs - David W
If we end up with a nice relaxed meet where the girls feel happy to come I'd wear a t-shirt with "Geoff" on it after that.

Re: Damn Stupid designs - ROBIN
Carpets and cloth seats in 4wd vehicles of the off road kind,perhaps?
Re: Damn Stupid designs - ROBIN
Especially if all the girls have Big Bumpers........

Bet I get a caution for that one.

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