Golf lock barrel - colin
My Mk 4 Golf was broken into on Friday 19 October, the door handle an lock barrel prized out.
Two points
1. I am still waiting for a replacement barrel which I understand has to be programmed in Wofsburg and

2. Why is it the dealer network can't carry door handles in common colours such as black and silver to avoid delays whilst handles are sent off to paint shop.

Nothing was stolen from my car - what should have been a minor irritation is now a major problem.

The dealer suggested I contact my insurance company and get a replacement car for the duration - is it any wonder our premiums are so high

If the lock provides so little security then why load such a vulnerable part with so much technology?
Re: Golf lock barrel - David W

No expert with the VW lock but I know "the boys" and their ways.

They want to pinch your car but don't want to have all that hassle with alarm/immob or smashing the steering lock.

So they lever out your lock barrel one night and you think "that's funny, nothing was pinched".

Then they use the barrel to make a key up and next time they have access to your car with a key.

This is even easier with a car where the fuel flap is opened by the same key as the doors/ign, popping the filler flap off to suss out the key pattern is so easy.

In your case you've even had the first damage repaired through insurance so they get a perfect car.

My advice, get a new lock set with a new number.

Re: Golf lock barrel - ian (cape town)
Big problem with Golfs.
I know that there are some companies who make a hi-tech lock which can be fitted in place of the existing ones. Uses a round key, and a strengthened barrel.
There is one called a solex, I don't know if it is available in UK.
try - they list various manufacturers
Re: Golf lock barrel - ian (cape town)
Found It!

Genuine Solex
Hi - Security Replacement Door Locks
"Visible Deterrent" Universal Fit 3 Door.
Style with Security

Price: £34.95

Well worth the investment - just keep the old locks for when you get rid of the car!
Re: Golf lock barrel - Andrew Barnes
I believe the problem with the easily removed lock barrels only exists on the earlier MK4 Golfs. What year is your car?

Re: Golf lock barrel - John Slaughter
My neighbour had the radio stolen from a Mk 4 Golf a couple of years back. They didn't attack the lock - they used tinsnips and cut a panel out of the door skin, presumably to access the release mechanism, rather than the lock and handle. Unfortunately, I didn't see it before it was shipped of to the bodyshop, so I can't confirm this, but the door was certainly opened. These and similar vintage Audis seem to be a target as they usually have 'non-branded' DIN fitting audio systems

However, as this technique worked, I wonder whether a stronger lock will be of value.


Re: Golf lock barrel - Honest John
Had a look at and the advertised lock does not seem to address the Golf Mk IV/Passat/old Audi A3 problem unless it can be fitted into the door entirely separately. The problem is that the lock part of the handle of these cars is easily prised out with a scredriver which can then be used to open the door. It's an unbelievably bad piece of design. Up to Jan 99, prising off the lock and opening the door with a screwdriver also disarmed the alarm system. Since Jan 99, on VAGs with remotes, the alarm can only be disarmed with the remote, but lots of lower spec Golf Mk IVs still have keylocks and are still very vulnerable.

Re: Golf lock barrel - Tim Allcott
I'm worried. I drive an 'R' plate passat.
What wouldyou suggest as the most cost effective supplementary security system?
(Other than changing the car....)
Re: Golf lock barrel - colin
Re: Lock the rear seats! - JohnM
My 97 Passat was one of 4 Passats broken into last year whilst we were at a company meeting at a Heathrow hotel. No radios taken - I suspect they were looking for laptops.
Never leave anything on view in the car, or in the boot, unless you security lock the boot AND the rear seat backs.
Great car (110Tdi, 118K miles now...), pity about this design flaw!
Re: Golf lock barrel - colin
three weeks today since barrel ordered and still not a squeak about when new one will be forthcoming - dealer tells me I'm one of many still waiting. But that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm told its because the security is so sophisticated that it takes time to programme the lock.

Sophisticated my ....

it seems to me that vw need to have a word with themselves.
Re: Golf lock barrel - Brian
Similar story to David's.
Guy had his car pinched one night, it was returned a couple of nights later all claen with a note saying "Sorry, just had to get home. Don't usually do this sort of thing. Here's a couple of theatre tickets for your trouble"
So he and his missus went to the theatre.
And came home to a house missing anything moveable.
Re: Lock the rear seats! - KB
DISKLOK......£80 from Halfords etc In Yellow or Silver. Thatcham approved, very strong and very visible, rather heavy and cumbersome but you can't have it all. Be surprised if you had your car nicked with one of them on it.
Re: Lock the rear seats! - KB
Should have addressed last message to Tim re. his R reg Passat - sorry.
Re: Lock the rear seats! - KB
..........and a red flashing LED on the dash for £1.50. Available from Maplin Electronics or similar.

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