the KIA RIO. - ladas are cool
i am getting sick of having all my cars, so i am thinking about keeping the lada riva, getting rid of the other cars, and going for the KIA RIO, but has anybody driven one of these cars, the local KIA dealer is selling them from £4995 on the road, so i dont really care about comfort etc, as long as the warranty is there. please please please dont think i am just talking, as if i was making this up i would be talking about getting a £20 grand car, not a £5 grand car.
Re: the KIA RIO. - Simon Wheeler
It seemed fairly well screwed together but was probably the dullest car ever.
Re: the KIA RIO. - Tomo
Is this the same as a Kia Pride? My brother has one of these and puts up a lot of miles for a retired wallah, without trouble. It is surprisingly highly geared and not bad over a distance. Some sort of antique Mazda, actually.
Re: the KIA RIO. - THe Growler
That is correct, the Pride is based on the Mazda 121, originally from Korea, but also still manufactured in countries like the Philippines, where they are a low-cost entry to motoring for the less well-off family, not to mention cruising around in thousands as taxis. These are excellent basic transport, no frills whatever, and appear to go on for years and years, if the numbers where I live are anything to go by. If you just want to get A to B with no fuss and at low cost, I would say take a look at one. Here they even come with air-con and a CD player.
Re: the KIA RIO. - Richard Hall
I wouldn't do it if I were you. The car may be cheap to buy new, but the residual value will be terrible, and the car itself is like some kind of 21st century Datsun Cherry. I can think of plenty of better places to put your £5K.
Re: the KIA RIO. - Martin Wall
I think HJ didn't like the Rio but he reckoned the (albeit much more expensive) Magentis was good value. What price does your local dealer do them for as a matter of interest?

If you do get a Rio for 5K I would run it till it breaks as resale won't be great - but hey - a brand new car with warranty for 5K can't be *that* bad now, can it!
Re: the KIA RIO. - John Slaughter
Why not spend the £5k on a decent handling secondhand supermini and enjoy the driving? Plus, it will have some retained value if you do need to sell. To quote the car article on the Rio 'Her name is Rio and she's crap'.


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Come on now guys. There's a road test of the KIA Rio on this website. I had to go all the way to Denmark and Sweden to do it for you.

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My Arse !
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am i hurting you, i think not. please refrain from such insults.

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