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Astra EGR valve - stokie
My X reg 1.6 8v Astra (13000 miles) suffers from a misfire at around 1800rpm on light throttle. I've heard the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR) is suspect on these cars. It allows exhaust gas back into the combustion chamner to lower CO emissions. I've heard it can fail in the open position.
Has anyone else suffered with this?
I read in an edition of Car Mechanics that a temporary fix is to fit a blanking plate under the valve. Has anyone tried this? Presumably CO emissions would go up but would it fail an MOT?
Apart from harming the planet with CO is there any detrimental effect to the car from running with the EGR blanked off?

Thanks for any thoughts
Astra EGR valve - Dynamic Dave

Sounds similar to the probs my Dad's Astra suffered.

Astra EGR valve - David G.I.Davies
Surprisingly you would not fail an MOT test with a blanked off EGR valve.One of its main purposes is to reduce oxides of nitrogen or NOX which is not measured by UK test stations.You may notice no effects by blanking off the valve,however the engine will run slightly hotter and 'pinking' can sometimes result.Disabling the EGR is usually done to eliminate the valve as a source of problems when testing for poor running.
Astra EGR valve - Aprilia
Most engines will run up to a max of about 15% EGR. The exhaust gas is used as an inert 'filler' on part-throttle cruise to lower combustion temperature and therefore lower NOx emissions (which are a function of temperature).
The EGR valve should be closed at idle, otherwise the idle will be lumpy (misfires).

You can blank off the EGR valve, but fuel consumption will be slightly higher and engine may run slightly warmer on part-throttle.
Astra EGR valve - benny69
Before you rush to fix blanking plates etc., you might like to check out the warranty situation.

I took my 1.8 Astra V Reg to the dealer today with the same symptoms as you describe expecting a hefty bill.

They fixed my sticking EGR valve under warranty. Apparently EGR valves come with a 6 year warranty from Vauxhall.

Best of luck

Astra EGR valve - sheil
did this warranty apply in 2002 as mine has just gone again after 70,000 miles, thanks sheil

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