Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - simbiant
I will spell this out very simply.

Car : Renault Megane 1.6 16v RT Sport

Year : 99V

Miles : 33k

Replacement parts so far to try and solve problem : Both driveshafts and CV joints, Engine mounts, gearbox mounts.

The noise from the front end sounds like a rumble and is there when moving off, and when moving at any speed. It doesnt change when cornering etc. I think its the wheel bearings, but there is no play when rocking the wheels.

Its been getting worse very slowly over the last 8 months. It is definately not engine related, as the noise only occurs when moving. Speed bumps are rough too. Suspensiona and everything is all tight though.

Help!! What is it????
Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - nomark
i bought a car which had bearing type noise from the rear,on looking through the service history it had been a problem for some time and both rear bearings had been changed to try and eliminate the problem.
took the car to my local mechanic and asked his opinion and he thought it might be just tyre noise,tyres were fairly low on tread so i replaced the avons for some firestones and the noise dissapeared.
just an idea :)
Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - Civic8
Does the rumble alter in note on different types of road ie from smooth to rough?.if so it may be the tyres as some tend to exagerate the noise.a wheel bearing can moan for years before you will feel any play in them.just a thought
Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - Mondaywoe
Wheel bearings seem to be a weak spot on Renaults. Not unusual for them to go about the 30,000 mile mark. You don't always feel any noticeable movement either. I had a Renault 19 that rumbled for quite some time - then after some very wet weather all hell broke loose! I think the seal goes first and allows a certain amount of dampness in, then the bearing itself goes as the grease washes out. When the actual bearing goes this increases the 'wobble' which wears the seal even more - eventually, a good drenching washes out all the grease and everything goes decidedly pear-shaped!

Just check obvious things like the tyres rubbing on the mudflaps....

Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - Aprilia
Feel hubs after a good run. I one hotter than the other?
Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - simbiant
Interestingly enough, the noise is worse after washing the car.... I am guessing that its wheel bearings??? I wash car last night and this morning it sounded terrible. But as you all seem to suggest, the rumble has been around for 8 months, but in the last week the hum has started to appear. The noise is currently much worse on rough roads, and speed bumps. Plus I don't like the rough feeling through the steering wheel and pedals. I think two front wheel bearings and a hub check are in order.

Keep it coming with opinions. Thanks for all the help.
Noise remains after 8 months. Megane. - simbiant
Just to update details.....

When holding car with hand brake and trying to pull away (i.e like when you test the bottom end) There is no noise, so i am assuming the clutch is fine. Its only when moving.
Renault Megane Discovery..Oh Dear... - simbiant
This is for all owners of Renault Meganes.
If you think you can hear either a rumble, a hum, a clunk or a knock from the CV's, Driveshafts or Wheel Bearings prepare yourself for some bad news.
After visiting my trusted and highly qualified mechanic, he has solved the mystery of noise on my megane (see my previous topic).
Apparently the renault meganes major flaw is the Differential Bearing in the gearbox. It is common and unless you have solved the mystery before its difficult to detect. If you can feel a roughness through the steering wheel, clutch pedal or a thump through the passenger footwell, your Diff bearing could be away. I say could be. My megane is going into the garage again on saturday for more diagnosis work.
Also a shaking gearstick is apparently not a megane characteristic. Its a damaged Diff Bearing. There is no such thing as a knowledgeable Renault Mechanic !
Two solutions are either a new gearbox, or a new bearing, depending on what is cheaper and easier. (or a new car!)
I will let you all know the results so no one has to go through fitting driveshafts, C.V's, wheel bearings, new tyres etc. for no reason like I did.
Hope this helps people.

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SOLVED!!!!!!!!!! - simbiant
Its not the diff.

The Hub is warped and is ovalised- hence knackered + the wheel is knackered.

So Looks good at last for my megane.!!
SOLVED!!!!!!!!!! - Mondaywoe
That's an odd one! Any reason given why a hub can become distorted to the extent of taking a wheel with it? Has the car had a bump of some sort?

Don't think I've ever heard of a hub becoming distorted!

Hub - simbiant
Well when you look at the centre of the wheel with the hub nut on or off, the centre actually ocellates up and down - imagine rolling an egg (not as extreme as that though) thats what the centre looks like. Which is the direct opposite of the other side.

The car has never been in an accident, and is well looked after. previous owner was a little old man who did 20k in 4 years.

Its a renault after all. When did anything make sense??

Ive owned 3 citroens too. The above sentence applied to them too!
Hub - Mondaywoe
Could the bearings have gone bigtime and 'cooked' the hub????

I agree about Cits/Renaults not making sense - part of their je ne sais quoi....

:-) :-)

Hub - simbiant
Dont know what has happened. Will find out on saturday.

I agree about french cars. They may be built like rubbish, and they cost a fortune in repairs, but they are fun, the engines work and they stick to the road like mashed potato does in a pan. Unlike the equivalent Ford. Plus when i get 49mpg all the time it makes me smile, plus overtaking is great when you can do it in 5th at 35mph!


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