Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Dave Vickery
I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee 2.5TD Ltd which seems to have a problem that no one can rectify.

This problem is with the ABS warning light which only comes on when you turn left and accelerate, straight line and right hand corners are no problem.

I have had our local Jeep garage test it and they originally found the near side rear sensor was not picking up the pulse therefore this was changed but within 300 yards and my 2nd left turn on came the light again.

I have tested for a trapped or tight cable but this has not cleared the problem, has anyone any ideas.

Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - me
this is gods way of telling you to buy a sensible car the next time

bet you only ever take it to the supermarket, and the misus drops the kids off in it...

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Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - dave
No comment, try getting a brain.
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Mark (Brazil)
From the manual, does it tell you what the light represents ?

Does it have a dual purpose, does it relate to an electrical failure in the braking circuits or fluid or what ?

I had one of these, with the problem, and it was solved. But I'll be &$# if I can remember what it was. So I'm trying to jog my own memory.

Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - dave

Thanks for your assistance, the ABS light only advises that a fault has been picked up by a sensor. Its only more serious if the handbrake light comes on as well. Have checked all wiring and thats ok its just strange that it happens only when turning left and accelerating.

Anyway thanks again.

Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Mark (Brazil)
Ok, I don't really remember what it was.

But, it was something to do with movement on the corner, and it was as simple as a wire which was first a little bare and then corroded. It was touching something. Also, it was something like a wear indicator, or bulb-failure indicator. It wasn't actually part of the ABS system.

This isn't helping, is it ?

I'll try and remember. Really I will.

And yes, I am blond. Sorry.
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Mark (Brazil)
oh, and I do remember how they found it - car up on stands, in drive, wheels turning, mechanic pulling and pushing bits of wire until person in driving seat said light had come on.
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
The jeeps suffer with excessive end float on the 1/2 shafts, up to 12mm is not uncommon according to my local MOT station close by a Jeep franchise. Could be that the sensor ring and sensor are moving apart as the shaft slides outboard on left turns.
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Dave Vickery
Thanks Andrew
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Don
Make sure the proxy switch (the pickup sensor) is in field all the time ie close enough to sense the toothed ring , remove any magnetic material from the sensor , make sure the tooths all had clear air between , sounds like proxy is going out of field.
Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - David W
Also is it worth changing the other front wheel sensor just to eliminate it?

Re: Jeep Cherokee ABS light - Dave Vickery
Thanks to both of you, I will be checking everything out at the week-end.


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