diesel fiesta poor starting - poxy fords
my fiesta van takes ages to start (warm/cold)and carries on running for 3-5s after i take the key out,glow plugs are ok(100amps) and the starter motor is ok,its driving me barmy !!!! any ideas as to the cause/solution
diesel fiesta poor starting - JamZ
sounds like a faulty fuel cut-off solenoid?

diesel fiesta poor starting - Civic8
I may be wrong here but 100amp on a glow plug.main fuse isnt that big could it be the glow plugs are not switching off while running take a while to cool off after shutdown./Not an expert on diesels so may be wrong.?
diesel fiesta poor starting - Civic8
On reflection JamZ is right if the fuel flow continues and there are hot spots ie carbon deposit build ups being red hot the engine will continue to run.would get it sorted.if its hard to start may be the glow plugs need replacing.I as I said doubt the 100amp at glow plugs 10 amps yes.?
diesel fiesta poor starting - jc
A diesel will run after starting as long as it gets fuel;sounds like a faulty solenoid.

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