Driving - Naples + Sorrento area - Armitage Shanks{P}
I've just got back from a week in Sorrento and thought it might be helpful to post some views and comments. Driving is pretty devil may care with mindless overtaking etc but we didn't see one accident during our stay. That said, 9 out 10 cars have one or more corners damaged and/or scrapes down the sides. Hire cars are very expensive, I can't remember if it was Euros 360 or 460 for a Punto for a week but either would be high! If you hire a car you aren't going to get the benefit of viewing the scenery, if you are driving, and I don't rate your chances of not paying the XS on your CDW, on a week's hire. The trains, ferries and local buses provide a very keenly priced and relaxing alternative to self-drive.


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