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Banger explodes

I recently bought a Rover from a dealer in Peterborough. It was a used car and one that I could afford. My husband and I test drove it for about 5 minutes and asked the seller questions about the car and the history of Rovers. He told us they are good cars with no big problems. We bought the car, took it home and only drove it twice in the week we bought it. The second time my husband drove it he was on the A14 and A1 heading to work at 70mph and the car just stopped. We had to have it towed and found that the head gasket was broken. It was estimated to cost £500-£600. I called the dealer, who said that there was nothing that can be done since it didn't have a warranty. Is this correct? Now I'm out £450, plus the cost of recovery and now a car. The dealer was rude and didn't want to help out in anyway. He told me on the phone that it wasn't his problem. Is there anything I can do?

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Depends what you paid for the car. If £450, then too much to expect
reliability for that amount of money.

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