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Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - Kerplunk
I need to replace my front speakers in my 91 Ford Fiesta and and trying to remove the door panel. I've never done this before and wondered how I get the window winder handle off so the panel can be removed. And what about the door handle ? I have popped the panel edges off but the handles are stopping me do any more. I don't want to force it off.

Thanks for any help and also can anyone recommend some fairly decent speakers for the front too ?
Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - mfarrow
I think the door handle surround has a screw you can just undo, then take this surround over the handle and leave the handle where it is.

As for the window winder, my mate had a problem with his too, but gave up. The haynes manual is no help. Maybe there's a circlip behind the handle that just needs to be pushed off.

As for speakers, the ones already in there are pretty decent anyway, I replaced the front ones in the Escort with Pioneers with no significant increase in clarity or power.
Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - Civic8
If w/winder hasnt a screw it will be a circlip.push the panel in toward the door you should be able to see it.a flathead driver should push it off.

Speakers if upgraded probably wont sound any different.unless yours have had it of course.radio will make all the difference assuming good quality one? hope that helps?
Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - Kerplunk
Yes the passenger speaker has blown. I will probably just get a cheap replacement from Halfords. Standard Ford stereo in car.

Thanks for all advice. I will have a go tomorrow.
Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - AR-CoolC
Just be careful removing the circlip, they have a tendancy to travel a long way and are very difficult to find later.


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