Audi 80 windscreen rubber surround - mak
Hello all,
I would be obliged if anyone could help with my problem.I had my windscreen replaced over 2 years back and the rubber surround has not fitted the same since.It is now loose from both lower corners and along the bottom edge.The ends hardly meet in the middle where a plastic 'bridge' should hold them in place.Could anyone advise me what to use bearing in mind that the rubber surround may have to be removed in the future if I ever need a new windscreen.I have been warned to be careful putting anything on the windscreen as they can cause it to crack due to different expansion rates.
Much obliged, Martin.
Audi 80 windscreen rubber surround - mfarrow
I personally would have replaced the windscreen rubber when replacing the windscreen. I did mine (Escort) a few months back and cost £40 for a new seal from Fords.
Audi 80 windscreen rubber surround - Civic8
It is possible to do it yourself.from what you said its incorrect fitting.windscreens are pretty versatile they have to be to withstand the vibrations and movement that occurs on motors.if you fancy doing it yourself it isnt hard.common sense is needed and a bit of wont be worth bridgeing the gap as leaks always occur.
Audi 80 windscreen rubber surround - AR-CoolC
Hi Mak
The rubber surround on an Audi 80 has no sealing qualities at all it is mearly a rubber trim to tidy up the edge of the glass.
Removing and replacing it with the screen in situ will be pretty much impossible as the adhesive attaching the screen will almost certainly in places be stuck to the trim.
My sugestion would be to either leave it and forget about it, or if you realy want to tidy it up then depending on who fitted the screen and the warrenty with it (we give a lifetime warrenty, others give 12 months etc) take it back to let them sort it, or stick it back into place yourself with somthing like super glue.

I hope this helps

Audi 80 windscreen rubber surround - billy25
clear silicone sealant may do this sort of job, and it's not too bad to remove at a later date if required.

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