Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Richard Hall
From 1 January 2002, all second hand goods sold to consumers will have to come with a one year warranty. This applies to £300 Escorts from cheap car dealers, and £100 engines bought from scrappies. I have a feeling that, contrary to what the legislation intends, the long-term outcome for banger drivers will not be good.

For more details go to
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Andrew Hamilton
I take it private sellers will not have to provide warranty! This might be a getout.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - John Slaughter

You're right. Reading the Directive makes it clear this applies to vehicles sold in persuit of trade etc. So, it clearly doesn't affect private sales.

These directives can sometimes take a while to get translated into UK law, despite apparent 'final dates' included in the Directives.

It may lead to more Traders pretending to be private sellers, but given the various legislation already covering sales by traders, I doubt it will have a marked effect.


Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - David Lacey
Another ridiculous EU Directive!
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - ladas are cool
im betting you will see even more cars in the local papers with a mobile phone number only, and the classic dealer term 'very good condition for year', ring after 6pm, and it will have the full mot.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Tomo
Perfect for the "antis". It helps muck up business AND motoring. I'd bet the no-users who dream up these things would starve if they were made to get their own living!

Won't help the private seller either, who will be suspected of being a "front" for a dealer, come to think of it.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Andy Bairsto
where did you read this I can assure you it does not apply in Germany holland italy france spain or portugal or any country in the eu or is it a special for the uk.The sales of goods act has always applied since 1973 nothing has changed .Electrical goods must now have a 3 year unconditional gaurantee but not cars.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Tomo
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - zak
I thought it was to be 6 months......

But what is of most concern is what I read in Autocar a while back:

That if a car is to be sold by a dealer or private individual, under this new ruling 6 months 'warranty' would automatically be issued, AND if a car developed a fualt within that 6 months, it will automatically be decided that the fault was inherent in the car at the time of sale - up to 6 months previously. So are we to seriously have scenarios where person A buys a car of person B. Person A treats the car badly (does'nt maintain it/check levels/thrashes it/uses it on track days etc), and is in a position to seek redress from the vendor?

It is going to make for some interesting court cases!
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Richard Hall
You can see the directive for yourself at

You'll need Acrobat Reader - can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website if you don't have it already.

As far as I can tell, this directive was passed by the European Parliament in 1999, Article 11 of the Directive specifically states that EU member states must incorporate it into law no later than 1 January 2002. I can't find any reference to the directive having been suspended or abandoned, and the DTI had a public consultation on it at the start of January:

I am pretty sure this is for real although I would be happy to be proved wrong.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson
The fewer old sheds on the road, the better.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - ROBIN
I have long thought that the Governement should,from time to time,issue minimum performance standards for all types of vehicle.
Vehicles that cannot be made to apply will then only be allowed on the roads in special circumstances.
I think the state of our commercial vehicle parc is a national disgrace.
Re: Europe Hammers Banger Drivers (again) - David W
I can only speak for cars not anything on the commercial side.

Broadly speaking anything made after the mid 1980s will have acceptable standards....if maintained. And I bet most here are running cars newer than 16 years old.

As for the real "old sheds" they love them so much we don't even have to pay any RFL!


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