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Buying a new car soon and want to install a phone, hands free, voice activated, mutes radio when calls arrive and plays thru car speakers etc. Money no object. What do I tell the dealer or is it only a few luxury cars that can cope with this stuff. Was thinking of a BMW but I don't know enough about their system.
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Consider a Maybach or the bluetooth option on the BMWs.
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Most manufacturers offer a car kit although this can be quite expensive, on the Volvo system you insert the sim card and you can use voice activated dialling/one touch numbers, has microphone in headrest and uses car speakers.
This sort of technology is pretty typical but as I said at a cost.

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brad you can do all this with a bluetooth car kit for under £ can be fitted to most cars and only only 1 button to push.the phone stays in your pocket and logs on going over to handsfree automaticaly when you turn on the ignition switch ,saves you forgetting to plug in or take it with you when you get can also get a plug and go version for about £65 but it cant mute radio.if you change your phone you simply tune them to each other ,no more cost involved. hope this is some use to you
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Halfords will fit a kit that'll do all this for £99.

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I'm on my second Bluetoothed BMW - works.

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