Nissan X-Trail rear bumper protection - Big Ron
Anyone got any ideas on this? My X-Trail is used by the dog for the usual stuff like taking me for walks, expensive trips to the vets etc. When I got the car I had a black plastic film applied to the rear bumper to protect it from damage from the dog's claws amongst other things. I didn't think Nissan's own protector accessory was up to the job as it didn't cover the edge of the bumper.

Needless to say I managed to drop a wheel clamp on the bumper a few weeks back and its gouged a little chunk out of said bumper. I'm now looking for something a little more resilient to the punishment that is part and parcel of life in our family. Anyone have any thoughts on what I could put there?
Nissan X-Trail rear bumper protection - Altea Ego
Right well what i do to keep fifi's claws off the bumper of the goona is

1/ Train the dog to stay in, or stay out until commanded (use clicker or treat training for this)

2/ Use a rubber liner on the boot floor that is large enough to fold out over the rear bumper

so its STAY, unfold and then OUT (or in)
Nissan X-Trail rear bumper protection - Ivor E Tower
Sounds like you need to get a sheet metal place to make up a custom protector for you in aluminium or stainless steel. Nothing in the way of thin plastic will survive a large, heavy metal object striking it without making a mark (and even a metal protector may get dented).
Nissan X-Trail rear bumper protection - Big Ron
Nissan actually offer something like this as an accessory on their Middle East website. Rather strange its not offered here in the UK. Yes the large metal object scenario was a bit of a one-off but I can't see how manufacturers don't offer something a bit more substantial on the expensively painted bumpers of estate cars when its likely that such cars are going to come in for a fair bit of punishment in the loadbay area.

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