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volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Thicko2
I have recently picked up a volvo s40 GDI at auction (see new car advice thread). www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=21008

In honestjohn\'s car by car breakdon he notes that this engine is designed for 98 ron unleaded and faults have occurred wehere cars have used lower standard octane rated fuel.

Could anyone explain this in more detail, the guide book and sticker in the filler cap says use 95 octane unleaded.

Many thanks.


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volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Thicko2
Any views anyone?

many thanks

volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Honestjohn
Mitsubishi's 1.8 gasoline direct injection engine was originally designed to run on Japan's 100 Ron petrol.

Compromises had to be made to get it to work on the 95 Ron which most people in Europe use.

It's that compromise which starts to cause problems after about 5 years or 60k miles.

volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Thicko2
Thanks HJ. So stick to superunleaded then.

Will adding some decoking stuff to the gas help?

volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Stargazer {P}

How do you tell between the two types of 1.8 litre engine.

I have the V40 1.8XS (phase 1 early 2000) which has nothing to say whether it is the standard 1.8 or the 1.8i (GDi?) ?

The engine badge on the rear of the car only has 1.8 (no 'i').


Ian L.
volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - Honestjohn
The 'ordinary' 115bhp 1.8 engine is 1,731cc; the 125bhp 1.8 GDI is 1,834cc, and the later (post Sept 2001) 122bhp 1.8 non GDI petrol or bi-fuel engine is 1,783cc.

volvo 1.8 GDI engine fuel query - arnold2
There are a few other Japanese DI petrol engines in this catagory - the Toyota 2.0 in the Avensis is a DI engine that had to be 'modified' to work in Europe .... wonder if it will have the same long-term problems .... in fact, I have wondered about Japanese fuel quality for a while - my vvti Corolla really likes high-octane petrol .....

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