Buying Ex-Hire-Cars? - Mark Hennessy
A local Ford dealer is offering ex-hire-cars, imported from Jersey. They are around 6 months old, showing 2-3 thousand miles. The prices seem to be good - one W-reg Fiesta (a 1.25 Zetec) looked as new, and was on for just over £7,000

We're considering buying one to keep for several years, but how worried we should be... Obviously, there's a good chance the cars haven't been driven properly during the run-in period, especially as they've never been much above 40mph. (At least you can only over-rev in 1st gear!).

Also, as the cars are being imported, are there any issues to worry about - will the V5 ring alarm bells to the next owner?

I wonder if we'd be better off buying a privately-owned example with a few more miles on the clock?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated,

Thanks, Mark
RE: Buying Ex-Hire-Cars? - honestjohn
Dear Mark,

Very often, ex Channel Island hire cars are older than the registration date suggests. So be very careful to check the glass and the plastics for the exact build date. But in any case what;s the point of buying a 2000V ex-hire car when you can get a new W reg one from Trade Sales of Slough or Motorpoint of Derby for pretty much the same sort of money?



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