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mini cooper s - cooper s
Having been delighted with my previous Mini Cooper, I bought a Mini Cooper S in July 2003 from deleted. Unfortunately my particular vehicle had a fault when moving off from cold. Although the dealer rectified this by reprogramming the software, it resulted in a new fault, causing \"lumpy\" acceleration between 2500 and 3500 rpm; I believe this problem is well known to BMW, and has been described by American enthusiasts as the Yo-Yo effect.

They have tried on 3 subsequent occasions to rectify this fault, to no avail. They have told me that it is a characteristic of the car, which I do not accept, as I have driven two others which do not display the fault - one belongs to a friend, and the other was a demonstration vehicle; their last offering was that they had two others in the service bay which were worse than mine!

Any ideas on how to rectify the fault???

{Dealer\'s name removed. Although you aren\'t specifically naming/shaming them, their name is irelevant to your question. DD, BR Moderator}

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