VED - Alvin Booth
I have just renewed the road tax on my Vectra 2.0 DTi which cost £160.00
On the Internet site it gives the cost of VED for all new cars registered after April 2001.
The duty for the Vectra with the same engine will be £130.00.
Considering that the object of these new rates was designed to punish the polluters and reward the goodies is there something I am missing here.
(apart from £30.00 of course)

Alvin Booth
Re: VED - Roger Keene
The new car rates are based on emissions.
Other rates are based on engine size.

Re: VED - John Slaughter
Yes, and the new C02 emission based rates only apply to cars registered after March 2001. Older vehicles haven't been through the same test to determine CO2 emissions, so the two 'old' rates apply, based just on engine size.


Re: VED - chris
I bought a new car in September 2000, and was wondering if anyone could tell me how it will be charged. Is it by CO2 emissions or engine size?

Also do the charges apply to used cars as well?
Re: VED - Tristan Chaize
Electric vehicles used to be VED free. Mrs Thatcher put it up to £35 (or 30. Can't remember) Neither here nor there methinks. It's called politics. Pity Ken Clarke is not PM. Get a classic pre 1.1.73.

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