corsa outside temp display. - derek
hi my £300 bargain corsa k plate 34000 miles is proving to be agood little car,

apart from ther outside temp reading reads "-,--"
having several qualifications, i deduced that its broken!

can i, and how do i fix it

or is it a write off.

many thanks
derek whittle

excellent website

corsa outside temp display. - Dynamic Dave
The sensor is usually either postioned on the lower edge of the nearside front bumper or just under the front numberplate - again attached to the bumper. The connecting block might have become disconnected, but more than likely age, weather, or a parking accident has damaged it.
corsa outside temp display. - Dynamic Dave
Sorry, forgot to add, a new sensor will cost less than a tenner to replace. £5.50 + vat from
corsa outside temp display. - skybluescooby
Hey, i have just fitted a Nokia handsfree kit to my Corsa van and have come across this same problem when re-installing the radio, everything works fine except the temp reading, i know the sensor isnt faulty as it was working prior to radio battery disconnection, Any ideas how i can reset this display, Cheers
corsa outside temp display. - Dynamic Dave

Is the whole display blank, or just the temp display not working?

First thing I would do is backtrack your work and double check all connections are firmy made and sockets / plugs are tightly connected together.

corsa outside temp display. - skybluescooby
Temp reads "--", all other displays are fine, only wires i nipped were the live to Radio and Earth to radio to which i added live and earth on handsfree, everything works fine and i even disconnected handsfree wires and reconnected radio to see if handsfree interfered and the reading stayed at "--" ??? Disconnected and then reconnected sensor this morning, display still reads "--" ??
corsa outside temp display. - Lucy Wildash

Hi did you ever find a solution to this? Mine has just gone wrong after working successfully with my new radio for 11 months, I have replaced it to no effect. The date also doesn't display without the push of a button, not sure if this helps anyone diagnose the issue?! I look forward to your replies.

corsa outside temp display. - Railroad.

The ambient temperature sensor will have failed. I used to work in a Vauxhall dealership and I've changed hundreds of them. They're located under the front bumper on the left hand side.


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