Golf MkIIs - Marc
Anyone know of any Golf/VW specialists within reach of the Greenwich area. A friend of mine is looking for a decent Mk11 1.6 or 1.8 around £2000 and doesn't want to get fleeced

Re: Golf MkIIs - John
Are Wrotham and Borough Green, Kent within reach?. If so I'll look up the numbers and post them tomorrow
Re: Golf MkIIs - Marc
Probably. I'd appreciate the contacts
Re: Golf MkIIs - Rob Fleming
That's top money for a mkII - make sure it's flawless.

Re: Golf MkIIs - Matt Kelly
There's Aircool in North London - I've never used them but they've been around for ages.

They do all sorts of VWs & Audis.

Like the man says that's top money for all but a very late GTI.
Re: Golf MkIIs - Colin M
If you don't mind a trek across south London, Wheelbase in Hersham are highly recommended. Not sure they will have anything at that price though. You might be better buying privately then spending the equivalent of the dealers margin on a service. Wheelbase 01932 242881.

Re: Golf MkIIs - John
Marc. sorry its been a while . I couldnt find the old thread.
The 2 numbers 01732 882266 Hes always got several golfs and does specialise.
the other 01732 885641 They specialise in hatch backs
Re: Golf MkIIs - Mike Wolstencroft
I've owned two Mk11's ( Jettas ) an 'F' and a 'G', 1.3 and 1.6 respectively - in terms of build quality and components they were worlds apart - the 'F' 1.3 has far superior paint and metal together with Bosch electrics, whilst the 'G' big bumper 1.6 had dodgy interior welds in the boot at the bottom of the rear window sections, an Hitachi starter motor and the rest of the electrics courtesy of Valeo (ugh)! The 1.6 hydraulic tappets also seemed to wear out faster, even though fully synthetic oil was used and changed regularly ( 6000 miles ). I still have the 1.3 with 155,000 on the clock and using no oil between changes - its been run on fully synth. since birth. But the hydraulic tappet 1.3 does have a design weakness - due to the changes made to the cylinder head to accommodate aforesaid tappets greater stress is put on the head gasket, which fails every 70,000 miles, I can live with that - just keep an eye on the water etc in the weekly checks ! Oh and leave the carb alone if it's running OK. So it's no ball of fire but with average rush hour speeds on the M60 at about 25mph these days, who cares?

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