Those WOW! moments remembered - Phoenicks
I saw a Porsche 959 at my local Porsche dealer yesterday as i was driving past and it really made me stop, look and stare. A real 'wow' moment as they're so rare.

It got me thinking about other times when i was 'wowed' at a car moment - you know, those moments that you'll never forget (in a good way!)

Now i'm a proper supercar admirer so most of my moments are supercar related:

Seeing a red Lamborghini Countach Anniversary model in the late 80's - 2 weeks after it was introduced, park on Southampton High St, brand new on its own with no other cars round it, and aged 12 running across the road to have a look at it. There was a crowd of about 20 people round it, and this guy comes out of a shop with 2 little girls, gets in it (with the fantastic scissor doors)and the 2 girls on one seat, starting it up and driving ever so slowly away. The gasps and cheers when he started it up were so memorable!

Being at a DeTomaso Pantera owners club meet at Castle Coombe, but it was an open invite for any other supercar owners (again in the late 80's). There we 10 countachs lined up next to each other with their doors open. - nice.

Same meet - a Ferrari 288 GTO with the numberplate BEG 4 1T as a numberplate turned up. The only one i ever saw.

And just recently a Ferrari F40 bogging down as it took off from the Frizzell r'bout traffic lights, only to suddenly get a rush of power and just scream off. fantastic. Only to be more memorable for the Renault 19 1.4 on big alloys and blacked out windows 'trying' to keep up with the F40 - oh how i roared!!!!

Whats your fondest wow memories?
Those WOW! moments remembered - daveyjp
Many years ago I used to live over the 'Chequered Flag' garage in Gunnersbury (is it still there?). They used to sell some classic motors, it's the only place I've seen a De Lorean for sale.
Those WOW! moments remembered - RoadDevil
No, thank God, this outfit were resposible for the worst dealer servicing I have ever expereienced!
Those WOW! moments remembered - Brill {P}
Putting my foot down for the first time on a test drive in a TWR V12 Jag.
I literally exclaimed "Wow" out loud when it kicked down a gear and nearly took off. The car I had been driving at the time (also an automatic) was a Rover P5B (V8 Buick engine) and the kickdown was rather less responsive, and had got used to planting my right foot for a little get-up-and-go.

(Had to buy it then!)

More recently viewing a friends Vanquish, looked superb from every angle (envious).

Those WOW! moments remembered - Phoenicks
Brill- what does your friend do to afford a Vanquish?!!!

and are there any vacancies.....
Those WOW! moments remembered - No Do$h
Funny you mentioning an F40 at County Gates, there can't be that many in Bournemouth/Poole. I saw a black F40 on the Holes bay road last summer. Bloke on a Fireblade was playing with him. Rather scary to have those two whip past you in quick succession!

F40 had the numberplate P177 OFF. Nice chap, I'm sure.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Phoenicks
No Dosh - i've seen a similar (P17 OFF) number plate on a black Merc CL Coupe in bournemouth - he's actually replaced the CL badge for a Punto badge!!. Sounds like a local rich boy with both cars.

I've heard there are 5 F40's on Bournemouth/Poole - damn those property developers!!!

I believe there is also 2 Murcielago's and an F50. Thats just what i've seen. And about a 1000 360's - boring.... ;-)
Those WOW! moments remembered - Wrighty
Driving home in my Caterham 7 yesterday after a run out, slowed down as two young lads ran to the side of the road, I thought they were going to run into the road, but no, instead I heard "wow! look at that car". Couldn't resist accelerating away a little brisker than normal :-)

Made my day to think that kids today are actually just like me and my mates were when we were growing up, and not the hooligans they are often portrayed to be.

Those WOW! moments remembered - Rob C
Standing outside my parents-in-law's house, in North Yorks, when a F50 rumbled past, turned round at the end of the lane and rumbled back again.
I'm sure I'll never see one again.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Phoenicks
Stuff the political correctness - Nothing finer than a supercar - especially if its at full acceleration..... Nice one Rob.

Those WOW! moments remembered - Nsar
I was 10 years old and my dad left for work in something so hum drum I've forgotten what it was and came back with one of the first TR7s off the production line.

Look, I was 10, OK!
Those WOW! moments remembered - Chad.R
I recently (28/12/03) saw a Mercedes SLR up in the Highlands, on the A9 near Pitlocry to be precise. It doesn't look much different than the standard SL from a distance, close up - WOW.

I'll never forget a canary yellow Diablo "howl" past me on a fairly deserted stretch of M1 back in the early ninties soon after it was introduced - he must have been doing about 150mph as I wasn't exactly standing still !


Those WOW! moments remembered - jd
A purple Lambourghine Diablo on Deansgate in Manchester.

Waiting to cross the lights at Kendals with my two lads, 10 year old one is a car nut (like his Dad.....).

The rumbling sound, the look, the whole thing was magnificent.

Absolutely fan bloofy think mice.

Those WOW! moments remembered - davemar
Saw a Ferrari Enzo recently on the Embankment in London, unfortunately stuck in traffic, so little opportunity for the driver to make any noise. The GF completely missed the point when I started pointing at it and getting excited.

Also saw not one, but seven BMW M1s driving in convoy near Beachy Head. Can't say I've even seen one before or since.

But the biggest WOW was when I saw a BMW 318 indicating the other day... ;)
Those WOW! moments remembered - Stargazer {P}
About 40 classic Morgans lined up outside the Sydney Opera House. Georgous sunny day with blue sky, got the photo somewhere. Everything from early 3 wheelers to almost new Plus 8's. Most had the numberplate MOG ***

Ian L.
Those WOW! moments remembered - helicopter
As a young lad in the sixties being asked the way by the owner (in goggles and sheepskin ) of a huge bonneted 1920's British racing green Bentley complete with leather bonnet straps, supercharger and the eight exhausts coming from the side merging down and the wooden speedboat type back end and that glorious burbly roar as he took off down the road ....

Those WOW! moments remembered - Garethj
As a young lad in the sixties being asked the way by the owner (in goggles and sheepskin ) of a huge bonneted 1920's British racing green Bentley complete with leather bonnet straps,

supercharger and the eight exhausts coming from the side merging down and the wooden speedboat type back end and that glorious burbly roar as he took off down the road ....

Why would a six cylinder car have eight exhaust pipes?

I was passed by a 1929 Bentley on the M4 one day, I was doing about 65 and it came past me at 90 or so. The noise was amazing, the sight of four people inside with huge grins on their faces was a delight and the smell it left behind would satisfy any sane petrolhead.

It was just the thought of the driver having to brake from those speeds which made me worry!

Those WOW! moments remembered - helicopter
Gareth - Never could count! - and we're talking 40 years ago, the old memory is not so good.

Referring to the military aircraft I get to see a few close up in my business but I still remember a Lightning at Biggin Hill in the seventies giving a display of sheer brilliance and being on top of Tryfan in Wales with wife and son watching the RAF fighters in the valley actually below us by around 1000 ft.

It doesn't half make you go WOW because you don't hear them coming but you surely do when they are past you.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Stargazer {P}
This happened to me at the end of last year.....classic and vintage car rally close to the town where I live, about 10 cars in procession lost in our one way system, the narrow streets reverberated to the sound of the Bentley as it pulled away.

Ian L.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Robbie
It was 1990, and my two years old Carlton was due for a change so I decided to look at the new Vauxhalls at one of the big dealers. Wandering into the showroom I saw this beautiful red coupe: it was the new Calibra which was not then available.

It really did make me go WOW, and I thought it was a beautiful car. Ordered a new one from my local dealer.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Flat in Fifth
Goodness helicopter that brings back memories!

On holiday up Scotland and along the village street came a similar Bentley with driver and companion decked out in overalls, flying helmets and goggles.

The comment from a friend was "How to look an utter prat....... and totally get away with!"

Those WOW! moments remembered - dilbert
As a young kid in the seventies, I remember being absolutely in awe of two cars: the Jaguar XJS and the Citroen SM. Compared to all of the other stuff on the roads in those days they looked to me like they'd just landed from outer space. In fact, the SM still makes me stop and stare on the rare occasions that I see one now. As an adult, the biggest wow came (and still comes)from learning to ride a motorbike.
Those WOW! moments remembered - Pugugly {P}
The new Bently - seen a few of these recently. do it for me every time !
Those WOW! moments remembered - GTLK
My business partner has three SMs. When he parks the black one inthe car park, you expect Darth Vader to get out. Its amazing.

The most WOW moment was when a Lancaster (aircraft!) flew over the house at about 500ft. The noise and vibration were out of this world.
Those WOW! moments remembered - BazzaBear {P}
My WOW-est moment?
Two days before my wedding, looking out of the front window coz I'd heard rather a tasty exhaust note, to see an Aston Martin V8 Vantage pull up on my drive, followed by a Ferrari. (Sorry I don't know which Ferrari, I really wasn't paying much attention to it, since it was not a patch on the AM)
Turned out my wife-to-be had gone behind my back, and instead of ordering a wedding car, she'd hired me an Aston for the 4 days.
It's not easy to shut me up, but I was absolutely gobsmacked.
2nd most WOW moment? The soudn the thing made when you started it up.
Those WOW! moments remembered - No Do$h
Are you sure it wasn't one of those Capri-based Aston Kit cars?

[ducks and runs]
Those WOW! moments remembered - BazzaBear {P}
Are you sure it wasn't one of those Capri-based Aston Kit
[ducks and runs]

I know where you live!
Oh, wait a sec, no I don't
No Dosh, mate, what's your address again?

{feverish search for on-topic bit for this post]
I've also been on a tour of the Newport Pagnell factory (AM nut? Moi?) And seeing the sheer size of that V8 lump before it went into a car was quite a WOW moment too.
Those WOW! moments remembered - spikeyhead {p}
Putting my foot down for the first time in a Caterham 7 :)

Only beaten by being able to control the Imprezza when the back end stepped out of line on boxing day :-o
I read often, only post occasionally
Those WOW! moments remembered - PhilW
Ferraris? Common as muck round here I'm afraid! (I happen to live about 3 miles from a Ferrari dealer and every time I go into town am halted by traffic lights outside his showroom and the mechanics seem to have a set route for their test drives which includes going through our village!)
so, wow factors
1) The sound of those late 1930s 12 cylinder rear engined Auto Union grand prix cars (as in Nuvolari and Rosemeyer) at a vintage sports car meet at Donington last year.
2) My first sight of a DS in the late '50s (we had a "sit-up-and-beg" Ford Pop at the time)
3) On a trip to Italy in 1963 my Dad had a new Morris 1100 and it attracted a crowd of Italians everytime we stopped who always wanted to examine it in great detail and especially look under the bonnet at the transverse engine! Well, not many exotic Italian cars around are there?!!

I don't seem to have had many WOW factors lately do I?!!
Those WOW! moments remembered - Leon on Derv
The only recent wow moment I can recall at present occurred somewhere in Wales. First time I saw military aircraft on exercise. Their speed agility and noise made me go wow.

I was driving at the time - mandated motoring reference.

Those WOW! moments remembered - 3500S
As a kid,

Seeing a Citroen DS 'take off' from parked, people just stopped and stared as they indicated to pull out and then the headlights steered out with the wheels.

Seeing my first E-type roar past on the Warwick by-pass.

As a grown-up

A procession of almost a dozen TVRs clearly off to an owner's meet on the M40, I pulled over, the window's went down as the all roared past.

Seeing a real Ford GT40 owned by a wealthy contractor at my first place at work, the engine note was probably the best aural experience of my life, raw, unadulterated, uncompromising power.
Those WOW! moments remembered - PR {P}
On visiting Maranello to see the Ferrari museum, walking along, with the ear splitting sound of an F1 car. Then getting to the end of the street and seeing (10 ft away) an F2001 pounding round the circuit. I was there for 2 hours, no money to pay, no crowds of people, and very near the track!!
Those WOW! moments remembered - BobbyG
Some that spring to mind:

1. At a Vauxhall open day at Knockhill circuit to launch the new Astra coupe, getting to drive it round the circuit for 3 laps, and then into the passenger seat whilst a professional driver took me round the course. Wow!

2. On an Off Road training day, again at Knockhill. The very first time that I was told to go down a 1:2 incline - just take your feet off everything and let the Defender take you down itself! Wow!

3. Easter 03, just about to board the Chunnel in France and 2 cars pull up in the "Club" lane - a new Sports Bentley and VW Phaeton, both still not for sale at that point. Sad to say, once I got on the train I walked the length of every floor to find them but couldn't!

4. Nov 03, stuck in traffic outside Edinburgh Airport just as Concorde took off right above my head. Looked out the sunroof and just saw one of those big wings flying above my head whilst covering my ears to the sound. Fantastic!
Those WOW! moments remembered - spikeyhead {p}
Seeing a real Ford GT40 owned by a wealthy contractor at
my first place at work, the engine note was probably the
best aural experience of my life, raw, unadulterated, uncompromising power.

I was woken up at Le Mans a few years ago by a large number of these roaring past the motorhome at some ludicrously early time of the morning (about 10:30) as they were about to go on a parade lap. Have hated the sounds of the things ever sinse.
I read often, only post occasionally
Those WOW! moments remembered - JonM
Wow moments:

1.The sound of a Diablo accelerating to 70 in first gear....from the passenger seat! 21st birthday treat some years back. Driver: the boss of Lamborghini UK, location: outside Maranello Concessionaires (Ferrari dealership). He said he did that quite often as a little dig at Ferrari. The Lambo place was at the end of a cul-de-sac so he was safe from reprisals.

2. Seeing Nick Heidfeld nail the MacLaren F1 car up the short straight before The Wall at the Goodwood Festival of Speed a few years back. The whole crowd simultaneously erupted into shocked laughter. He set the course record that year (1999?) which I think was only broken last year.

3. Giving my motorbike full throttle for the first time after the running-in period and being aware of a rapid narrowing in my field of vision as my brain failed to cope with the world accelerating so fast. Got used to it now though!

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