pug 405 gltd l reg power steering leak - pienmash
got a mental power steering leak .........ive checked the hose,s ...no leaks
looks like its pouring out the pump itself...is this possible..i thought when it leaks it just trickles ...not pours like my leak.......any way ....any suggestions??????
pug 405 gltd l reg power steering leak - Cyd
The pressure side of the power steering system will be running at something like 1500psi. You can thewrefore imagine that even the smallest hole will therefore have fluid pouring out.

DO NOT allow the pump to run dry. If you do, it will take roughly 30 seconds before you will need a new one. If you need to drive the car without the PAS then remove the drive belt for the pump (provided it doesn't drive anything else as well).

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