Aircon - worth fixing on older car? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
I've got a Ford Scorpio (2.9 12V, Estate, 1995) which is still going well, but the aircon has had it - for the sake of argument, let's say £500 of work needed.

I can live without it, as to me it doesn't seem worth spending that amount of money on something which isn't essential on a car which isn't worth much more than a grand.

But - when I come to trade in or sell, what if any difference would this make?

Also - if I chose to hand the car back to the finance company (having paid more than half the HP) would they be likely to penalise me for this?

Aircon - worth fixing on older car? - And1

£500 fixing costs for a car of this value would not make economic sense. Remember also it will depreciate anyway in the coming months, so if you keep it for any length of time you won't get a great deal of money for it either way.
Most private buyers wouldn't check it. They are too pre occupied with pretending to examine the engine, bodywork etc. Sell it soon or next Autumn when no one would use it anyway.
Aircon - worth fixing on older car? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
Pretty much what I thought - and I like the comment about pretending to check everything. Thanks.


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