Why is my car having issues since I used Redex petrol cleaner?

When I first start my 2001 Ford Mondeo in the morning it is great, however when the engine warms up I start having problems. It doesn't matter what gear I'm in, whilst trying to accelerate it jumps forward. This problem has occurred ever since I put some Redex petrol cleaner into the fuel.

Asked on 22 April 2017 by Mr Andrew Owens

Answered by Honest John
All you can do is run the Redex through until the tank is nearly drained, fill up with Super and that should clear it. I better warn you that on a 2001 the inlet manifold swirl flaps can stick and eventually break off and get ingested into the engine. The Redex might have dislodged some carbon that has jammed the swirl flaps.
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