Lexus Soarer coupe - teabelly
Anyone know much about these cars? I have heard through the local grapevine that a 1994 example supposedly with a 4 litre v8 engine (I thought they had straight 6s) is for sale for around £2k. It hasn't got an mot though (yes, the odd alarm bell is ringing!). Is there anything really hideously expensive that can go wrong with them or any other reason why I shouldn't touch it with a bargepole?
Lexus Soarer coupe - Dipstick
I don't own a Soarer, but I know lots of blokes who do! You can't go far wrong if you ask your question again at the Lexus Owner's Club at

in the Import Models section.

I'm a member of this very friendly club, but I'm a GS man meself. Sorry, this isn't advertising, at least not intentionally!

PS yes, they do come with a V8.
Lexus Soarer coupe - Thommo
In the spirit of trying to be helpful, all the auto boxes on Toyotas of this type (soarer/supra) and copies of Borg Warner designs made under licence in Japan, normally the T3 (also used in Volvos).

So if the auto goes bang a Toyota dealer will quote you £6k+ and a six month wait for the box to be shipped from Japan, whereas an independtant specialist who knows what he's doing can slipped in a re-con BW box at 1/6th of the price.
Lexus Soarer coupe - teabelly

Just had a look at that site and it looks very helpful. Someone else has asked a similar question so I now realise they take a bit of looking after!


Thanks for that useful info, it might save me a fortune :-)
Lexus Soarer coupe - peterb
Lots of (fast) car for the money. However, I'd avoid if an expensive repair would be a financial problem for you.

Lexus Soarer coupe - Dipstick
I'm with Peterb on that; I was put off the LS because of potential repair costs. The air suspension on one of the newer ones, for example, should it ever need replacing, is £2500. Per corner. That's rather a big ouch. Even with the much vaunted Lexus reliability it's obviously *possible* to hit problems, although they are few and far between.

Now, a nice late GS, guv'nor, bags o' car for your cash, very reasonable running costs...

Anyway, glad to have saved you from a fate worse than death, teabelly.
Lexus Soarer coupe - T Lucas
Soarer is a fantastic car and would certainly be cheaper/more reliable than a compareable priced Merc/BMW.
Great fun to drive,look much better in some colours than others and a wheel up grade is a must.
At £2000 put it in for an MOT,no different to any other car,after all its a Toyota.
There would be a reasonable profit in breaking it if you have the room.
Lexus Soarer coupe - teabelly
The more I read about them from owners the more enthused and tempted I am. If it were the air suspension version I probably ought to think twice unless it has plenty of history and has been otherwise treated well. I need to find out more about it first though and have a proper look. I can't think of another coupe at that sort of money that is as interesting :-)
Lexus Soarer coupe - Dipstick

Not sure as I don't detect a possible confusion here; if so, apologies.

If your reservation about the air suspension results from my previous post, I was referring to the air suspension on an LS being £2500 per corner (plus fitting, incidentally), not a Soarer.


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