Peugeot 405 Diesel Gearbox - owenP
I was given a peugeot 405 diesel (1905cc non turbo)
. I managed to get it through its MOT ok - but it has a problem with the gearbox. It jumps out of 5th gear at speeds over 60 when you lift your foot completely off the accelerator. 5th engages fine - and it doesn't jump out of 5th at low speeds - or if you are above 60 and ease off the accelerator slightly. I suspected a worn 5th gear and took the car to a gearbox specialist - who also confirmed the box was on its way out.

The other problem I have with the car is I think that the car has already had a new gearbox and maybe the wrong type. I know that two types were fitted to the 405 - the BE1 on early cars - which had a collar on the gearstick which you lifted up to engage reverse - which was over near first - and the BE3 - which had reverse near 5th. The currently fitted box is the BE3 - later one and the car is an Oct 1990 on an 'H' reg.

The gearlever does not sit in the middle position at neutral and is slightly further forward of where it should be. There is no play in the linkage - which looks fine - and was confirmed by a gearbox specialist - who also suspected the wrong 'box was fitted and the linkage might not have been updated when the box was changed.
My question is - which gearbox should an Oct 1990 405 have fitted to it - and if it is the earlier 'box - would it be ok to replace it with the later one - if the full linkage was changed to the later type too?
Peugeot 405 Diesel Gearbox - DL
It'll have the BE3 box, I reckon.
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Peugeot 405 Diesel Gearbox - rg
I had a '91 405 GRD 1905 non-turbo.

The diff. bearing on the BE3 failed at around 250,000 (!!)
I suspect that this is a weak spot.

But mine did not jump out of gear.

The linkages occasionally wear quite badly.



Peugeot 405 Diesel Gearbox - DL
You did well!

Yes, the linkages wear but gear selection remains 'acceptable'

A good gearbox is the BE3, compared to some others!
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Peugeot 405 Diesel Gearbox - owenP
Many thanks for the help.
What I think I will do now is change the linkage with one I know comes from a BE3 box - from a breakers and then see where the gearlever position is.

Then if there is still a 5th gear problem - change the box for another BE3.

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