Astra 2000 1.7 dti 16v management light - alicat
Astra 1.7 DTI 16v Year 2000 (Y17DT Izuzu engine)

On cold mornings the car starts without a hitch but 5-6 seconds later management light comes on. No loss of power, high or low revs or any other symptoms.
Stop the engine 10-15 minutes later, remove the key, wait 15-20 seconds, restart and all is ok and management light stays off.
It all points to a glowplug (pig to get to the connectors to test) but it starts from freezing cold on the button (brake light bulbs are both fine they are linked with low resistance circuit with glowplugs).
Trawled through the forums but this engine seems to be a bit scarce here at the moment. Any pointers would be most welcome.
Astra 2000 1.7 dti 16v management light - David Davies
If the resistance of any of the glow plugs is even slightly high it will trigger a fault code which is described as a 'Glow plug general error'but unfortuneately the diagnostic system is unable to tell you which glow plug.So there is no alternative but to prise off each glow plug connector and ohm test each plug.You should see a uniformly low reading on each.They are expensive (£25 each from dealers) so you probably won't want to renew all four.The connecting plugs are easily broken unless you pull them at exactly the right angle.Lastly the plugs can be difficult to remove and have a habit of breaking off in the cylinder head(expensive to fix).Specialist job?
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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