Clio screen - query - Andrew-T
On SWMBO's Clio (00W 1.6) there is a small rectangular area near the bottom centre of the screen, about credit-card size and slightly yellower than the rest. It has no visible function (no, it's not a rain sensor) so has anyone any ideas? Did the previous owner just stick something there? If so it was done extremely tidily and symmetrically.
Clio screen - query - AR-CoolC
Your windscreen is solar reflective, this patch is an area where the refective coating has been left out. This is used mainly in Europe to place their little magic boxes that allow them through toll barriers. If the box's were placed in any other possition on the screen then the solar coating would block the signal.
Clio screen - query - Andrew-T
Thanks for that, G-t - fascinating.

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