Buying Privately - Risky? - Rashid

Now that it's very easy to buy a warranty form various companies, i was thinking that surely that takes the risk out of buying a second hand motor from the classifieds.

As long as the warranty is comprehensive, you're covered?

As i'm in the market to buy a new used car i thought i'd see if anyone has any views on the matter in case i lose my hard earned cash. (Budget up to £9k)

Buying Privately - Risky? - NARU
I think you need to check the small print - many don't cover faults which existed before the cover was taken out.
Buying Privately - Risky? - mark999
Have an HPI check done also
Buying Privately - Risky? - kithmo
Also make sure the car has a proper service history, as most (if not all) of these warranty companies, state that the car must be serviced to the manufacturers schedules to validate any claims made on the warranty.
Buying Privately - Risky? - Roger Jones
Why not spend about 1% of your budget on getting it professionally checked over? See Used Car Checks to your left, among other sources of such a service. Also, when I last sold a car -- come to think of it, it was the only car I have ever sold personally -- I was happy to give the prospective buyer the contact details of the place that had serviced the car for several years, confident that they had done a good job and that they would give a fair opinion; I'd look for that sort of comfort if I ever bought privately.
Buying Privately - Risky? - carayzee
what kind of car do you want? There are plenty of new or 12-18month old cars for sale at dealer, auctions or privately for 9 grand. Most with lots of manufacturers warranty left.
Buying Privately - Risky? - Rashid

All good advice.
Last time i bought a car from the classified, i made sure it had a FSH and i did an HPI check. As the car was just under £5k i took the risk and didn't have it checked over, but as i now have a bigger budget i guess it would make sense.
The other point i would add, is it always helps to like the person you're buying from, that way it makes the transaction that much smoother and both parties come away happy. I try to make it a point not to buy from people i don't get on with especially dealers, if they're moody/rude before you've even given them the money how will they act if you ever have a problem! I don't know if anyone read the thread about the salesmen demanding you buy the car before you've driven it, it's happened to me that's why i prefer buying privately and hopefully you get a better deal.

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