Fiat 2.8 TD Clutch. - JustMike
Is there any knowledgeable grease monkey out there who knows how to get the gearbox out of a 2.8 Ducato please? We\'ve got the drive shafts out, the box unbolted and ready to slide out but it is being held in by the \"back to front\" clutch. There is a plastic collar which sits on the inside of the clutch fork/release bearing and it seems to be holding the ends of the clutch pressure plate fingers so preventing the whole unit from sliding out. I have been told it is a \"split ring\" (or is it slip-ring ?) clutch and it has to be destroyed to get it out,that the replacement goes back but only springs into place when the cable is operated for the first time. Seems a bit hit and miss but any advice will be welcome. I dont think Haynes do a manual for this one. Happy Christmas

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