dumped cars - tomandjerry56
i was wondring if any one knows that if a car has been classed as abadoned but still has got road tax on it can they still take it away
dumped cars - SteveH42
Yes, they do, but it usually takes a while. Stockport council seem to take 6-8 weeks for example - apparently they have a number of checks to make before they can remove it.
dumped cars - hillman
Do they dump cars which still have road tax? I imagine that anyone dumping a car would firstly trade in the disc and remove all registration marks from the car. Italy had the system where you have to pay to get your car scrapped at least ten years ago. When I worked in Rome it was quite common to see wrecked cars at the roadside, even next to major tourist attractions. Nothing seemed to be done. At least there the children didn't trash them and set them on fire.
dumped cars - Pete
Yes, they can and do dump cars with current road tax, I have seen several examples. In my area, the council use the presence of a valid tax disk ( however short the remaining time ) as an excuse to do nothing. As a result, the vehicle is usually well vandalized or fired, before it is eventually removed.
dumped cars - Imagos
personally i find dumped cars interesting there's a 88 ford sierra ghia nearby me which is vandalised, covered in moss etc, this was someones pride and joy once,cost someone thousands now just worthless scrap. its like the fall of an empire. i find these objects fasinacting to look at wherever they are.

i bet i'm in the minority though...
dumped cars - Roger Jones
Which planet are you calling from?
dumped cars - Pugugly {P}
Planet Philosaphy. Not a bad place to occupy in these materialistic days.
dumped cars - Blue {P}
You're not alone, I look from the other end though, I find it weird to look at my lovely, nearly new car, with all mod cons, unmarked paintwork, and the ability to make friends say "wow" when they first see it, and to think that in 12 - 15 years time it stands a good chance to be a battered, vadalised, and worthless wreck lying on some playing fields next to a rundown estate. Shortly afterwards it will be set fire to and get dragged away to be crushed.

The Sierra Ghia will have been an even more impressive car when new, and someone probably spent hours polishing it over the years. I'm sure that when my car is lying abondoned no one will realise that at one point, it's first owner spent £80 on it just to take some scuffs out of the alloys, after having spent hours cleaning and polishing it...

dumped cars - Cliff Pope
I'm with you, Imagosuk.
Taking the thought a bit further, when I look at a shiny new car I don't just imagine it useless and scrapped in 10 years time. I wonder what kind of society can cause people to put such value on shiny bits of metal that are designed and engineerd to do so much more than simply transport them from A to B.
Cars are expensive things, second in value only to houses, yet they last such a short time. And then people leave them lying around outside and expect them not to get stolen or damaged.

An interesting contrast is a place like Cuba, with a different kind of economy and set of values, where cars last forever. Apparently the streets are full of cars back to the 50s.

On the dumped car problem, what did they expect? If you increase the tax or penalties on doing something legally, then it is totally predictable and inevitable that 10% of people will evade them. Hence dumping.
dumped cars - teabelly
Perhaps an amnesty is in order? Everyone with a car they would like to scrap can take it along to the scrappers for nothing. If it is really unable to move then they could notify a central agency who'd put it on the list to be picked up by some national contractor who gets an amount per car. If you're more sneaky you could send out leaflets about scrapping to registered owners of cars of a certain age mentioning they'd get one entry in a prize draw per car they scrapped :-)

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