back hoe loaders - borasport20
or JCB's as they are commonly known.

for about the fourth time in as many weeks I was stuck behind one for two miles on the way in to work this morning, along a stretch of road which is uphill all the way. (But gently so, not enough to require any signposting)

Now I thought these beasts had all singing, all dancing gearboxes with more ratios than I've had birthdays, so I'm puzzled that more than once, as I was trolling along a safe distance behind him in first gear in my 90bhp diesel we were going so slowly that I had to either come to a stop or stall

I've never driven one (tho' I have driven the odd tractor, which is similar ?) but am I right to assume this was poor driving and avoidable, or am I expecting to much ?

Bora - what Bora ?
back hoe loaders - Ivor E Tower
Think you wil find that they are very uncomfortable to drive on the road due to bouncy high-walled tyres.
...and IMHO they should be banned from the roads before 9:00am and after 4:30pm as they cause so many traffic delays.
back hoe loaders - doctorchris
These sorts of slow-moving vehicles ARE actually banned from the A1 in the Gateshead area at rush hour times. Great idea.
back hoe loaders - Wales Forester
As a rule, these machines can get up to about 25mph but they do take some controlling at that speed because of the tyres and tyre pressures.

Maybe the driver was holding you all up on purpose, I wouldn't put it past anyone these days!

back hoe loaders - borasport20
Ivor - i have noticed that when these things accelerate, they don't half develop a very uncomfortable pitching movement, but that wasn't the problem this morning

Bora - what Bora ?

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