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Corsa rear wheel bearing play - wicked_buffy
There is some play on one of the rear wheel bearings on my Corsa. They are tapered. The haynes manual says replace if the play is "excessive". The question is, what is excessive? The whell does make a noise whe raised off the ground and turned. Anybody know how to make the judgement when to replace it?

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Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Civic8
A worn wheel bearing will be heard inside the car as well.If the bearing is noisy while turning then best change it.left too long will cause more severe problems.ie more money
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Dynamic Dave
Have you tried adjusting the wheel bearings, as per the instructions in the Haynes manual?

If you aren't getting a humming/droaning type noise while driving along - more pronounced when you go around a bend, then there shouldn't be a problem, so therefore just take up the slack in the bearing and carry on driving.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Peter D
The guy said it makes a noise when turned, assuming he means a rummble not the shoes rubbing then the bearinf is away and a replacement is simple and not expensive.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - wicked_buffy
Thanks Dave. I removed the bearing cap and found I could wiggle the nut by hand it was so loose! Thank goodness for split pins! A simple tightening up till the wheel no longer rocked, together with a new split pin fixed the problem. Incidentally, Haynes suggests 25NM of torque, not a lot at all.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Civic8
Not a good idea to tighten until no movement will only accelerate wear.there has to be a bit of play due to expansion of bearing`s.Not something that can be disputed.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Dynamic Dave
Incidentally, Haynes suggests 25NM of torque, not a lot at all.

IIRC, you are supposed to tighten the nut to the suggested torque (while simultaneously spinning the wheel) and then back off the nut and do up finger tight only and then fit the split pin. When I last did one on my earlier Vauxhalls (mk1 Astra, mk2 Cavalier, & early mk3 Cavalier), I did the nut up *marginally* tighter than finger tight. There is supposed to be a very small amount of play.

Thankfully all my Vauxhalls since then have done away with taper roller bearings.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Civic8
If you put one hand on the top of the wheel and other one on bottom of wheel While jacked up wheel off the ground.Rock the wheel between hands.you will notice a slight movement in the wheel bearing around 2/3mm I think is about right.if more than this.Will as long as it`s not too noisy.need adjusting.but if you are going to try this may as well remove and repack with grease.if after adjusting it.It is still noisy time to replace.Often after a repack of grease will be ok.but there are time`s when adjusting you find the play in bearing has not improved in which case you have no choice but to replace.but if you have to.Do both NOT 1 side
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - wicked_buffy
Thanks Mech1. As you will see from another reply I tightened the nut a little.
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - Civic8
You said till wheel did not rock.Fraid it must to allow wear.and not break up bearing`s
Corsa rear wheel bearing play - DL
'Perceptible play' is what I'd like to see.....

Certainly no more than 2-3mm at the tyre extremity.
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