Mitsubishi Galant - Dave
On the HJ website 'Car by Car breakdown' section for the Mitsubishi Galant , he writes:

"Mix of officially imported and grey imported VR4s. Only pay grey price for a grey".

How can you tell a grey import if you are buying a second hand Galant and do grey imports create any problems for owners?

Also, has anyone any experience of these vehicles?


Re: Mitsubishi Galant - Andrew Bairsto
You need the vin number take it to main dealer he will give you its history or should do
Re: Mitsubishi Galant - Chris Hewitt
At a glance the rear license plate on a grey is "square" in format. Top line will be year and number. Bottom line will be locator and randomiser.

Re: Mitsubishi Galant - honest john
Ralliart imported the official VR4s and there will be documentation to this effect.


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