Astra Attacked - HF

Need to rant and haven't been able to access the site for ages.

Yesterday we suffered a parking rage incident. Obviously parking spaces are few and far between at this time of year, but we were thrilled to find one and Rob, who was driving, had indicated and swung round to reverse park. Suddenly a car came up behind and took the space.

Now I know this was stupid, but at the time I had no reason to believe that the occupants of the other car were anything but human. So, I got out of the car and tapped on their passenger window, just wanting to do a polite 'excuse me we were just parking here' (honestly). My tapping was ignored, by which time Rob was out the car telling me to get back in. We were just about to do so, but Rob, in his own moment of stupidity, gave a gentle slap on the boot of the other car just to register his annoyance.

At which point all hell broke loose. The woman driver suddenly appeared in my face, right up close and shouting abuse and threats. Unfortunately, although I like to think that I don't get intimidated and can look after myself I plainly can't.

At the same time the male passenger had got out of the car and started raining kicks into the side of my beloved car. I wanted so much to do something about it, but Rob, who it seems is much more sensible than me in such situations insisted we got in the car and drove off.

As we did so, I dialled 999 (yes way OTT in hindsight but I was in such a state and had felt badly threatened). After spelling out the name of the road etc 8 or more times on the phone and being told the place we were at didn't exist, I gave up and decided to report the incident at the local station. (which incidentally is now not a station but an office). This was probably also OTT but I was shaking like a leaf and didn't want these people to just treat my car like that and get away with it.

Today I spoke to the police again, and asked to drop my complaint, because of fear of repercussions (these people really were the scum opf the earth). I apologised for wasting their time and they were extremely helpful, saying that they would keep details on file in case the same car was found in another incident.

Anyway, my car now has bad dents, scrapes and bootmarks along the rear driver side panel and bumper, which apparently the insurance company will treat as a write-off.

I'm very upset, as, despite its age and its notoriety, was in extremely good shape. I'm also gutted that it was my own stupid thoughtless action in the first place that caused it to happen.

I didn't realise quite how fond I am of that car until yesterday.

HF :(

PS - sincere apologies to those that I should have emailed over the last week or so. Again it must seem like I'm being rude, but we've been unable to use the internet for ages again. I will get in touch tomorrow, assuming we still access.
Astra Attacked - Sooty Tailpipes
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Astra Attacked - No Do$h
If you do a worldwide search you can buy keychain peppersprays
off ebay.

And promptly get arrested for assault. Not recommended.

HF, although the dents are visible, do they prevent you driving your car or make it unroadworthy in any way? If not, forget about claiming. Your car, where you know every hiss, squeak and rattle, is worth more to you than an insurance cheque and all the grief of finding a new car.

Unfortunately in this day and age you can forget common decency and chivalry. May I wish personal discomfort of an intimate nature on those that bore you ill will.

ps - nice to see you back :o)
Astra Attacked - Halmer
I'm sorry that this has happened to you. No doubt most of us on this site have experienced this kind of behaviour either directly or indirectly.

Sometimes its's very difficult to bite your tongue and walk away, particularly if you have been wronged, but basically it's what you have to do to stay safe.

For every twit like this idiots) there are many who would no doubt act in the exact opposite way and help. They are not so memoprable tho'.

At least you are both safe.
Astra Attacked - No Do$h
One other thought. You've told the police you don't want to continue with the complaint. You are in the fortunate(?) position of having physical evidence of the criminal damage inflicted on your property. In such a case it isn't simply a case of your word against the other parties, as is usually the case.

I would urge you to reconsider. What if next time these filth act like this it is a frail elderly couple or someone with a weak heart? What happens if you see them again in the street? (unlikely I know) Whilst they are unlikely to recognise you I can assure you that you will recognise them, with all the fear and upset that will cause you. Letting them off won't make you less fearful of another incident.

My personal opinion is that scum like this have to be stood up to, otherwise they continue to chalk incidents like this up as a "victory" in their small and pathetic lives, which in some way validates their actions to their pea-like minds.

Ultimately the decision lies with you, but I would ask that you and Rob talk it over again before letting it rest.
Astra Attacked - Cardew
Well said No Dosh. Sometimes you have to 'stand up and be counted' particularly when damage like that has been caused.

Even if the police take no formal action, because it is construed that Rob started things with his slap, consider the small claims court.
Astra Attacked - HF
Cardew - I do agree with that utterly, which is probably why I was so quick to leap out of the car to tap nicely on the other people's window. Now I'm just thinking 'look where that got me'!

And something like the small claims court, I think, with people like this, would be a big no-no because then they'd have all my details and could exact whatever revenge they wanted.

It's a toughie and a real moral dilemma. Hopefully with continued advice from here I'll come to the right decision.
Astra Attacked - Manatee
You have my sympathy for what must have been a shocking and frightening experience.

I had an experience a few years ago, not to bore you with the details, that brought home to me the fact that you simply don't know who you are dealing with (remember also the M25 murder?).

Tempting as it might be to react to being cut up by gesticulating, blowing horn, flashing lights etc you are potentially taking your life in your hands. People who drive anti-socially are not, either, going to respond to the disapproval of more reasonable folk so there's little to gain and everything to lose.

I don't normally preach but have posted this as serious advice - I had a serious chat with my daughter, herself a careful and considerate driver, about this recently when she hooted at a speeding overtaker.

The danger is in assuming that because you are reasonable, they are. If they aren't, it can be difficult to extricate yourself unharmed, mentally and physically.

Let's be careful out there!
Astra Attacked - Blue {P}
HF that's awful!!

So sorry to hear what's happened, it must have been very frightening and upsetting to see that happen to your pride and joy.

Definately don't let it write the car off, if possible just get the dents pulled out and made less noticeable, far better than writing off a trusted car!

We *must* talk soon on AOL, there's so much to catch up on.

I hope you get this sorted out ASAP with the minimum of hassle and expense.

Astra Attacked - HF
First, thanks to you all. My memory isn't what it was, but will try to keep my posting level down by answering in one post rather than bore you with individual replies. So apologies for typing errors, have been off this machine for so long that I seem to have forgotten how to type. (and no need for anyone, Mark, to comment on the fact that my typing's always been rubbish).

First, Sooty - things like the pepper sprays are very tempting! But, as ND says, I'd then be the one that got arrested. Crazy, but so true these days...

ND - No, the dents don't prevent me driving, or make the car unroadworthy. I'm just very annoyed with myself that previous owners kept it so relatively prisine and now I've gone and got it beaten up. I feel very guilty.

I won't bother claiming - the last thing I want to do is lose the car, strange as it may sound.

Thank you for your sentiments about those who did this. I guess you're right about the age of decency being gone, which is a depressing thought. Although I think maybe we were just unlucky in meeting scum - there are many pockets of them around these parts, although most people I'm sure are decent. (can I name and shame their car make and reg number? - only kidding)

As for recommending pressing ahead with the police - well, two thoughts really. I doubt it would be up there with police priorities (and quite rightly so) but also I am terrified of them recognising me in the street and what the implications of that might be.

I take what you're saying about maybe someone more vulnerable being their next victim, and I will think on what you have said. However, I do have my two kids to think of, and I wouldn't put it past these lowlife to put a brick through my window or something even better through the letterbox.

That makes me sound like a coward, I know - but we do have some truly dangerous people round here (but don't let that stop you visiting!!;) ) We'll talk it over. Oh and ta for the welcome. Bet you've been missing me like crazy! ;)

Halmer - thanks for your sentiments. You're absolutely right, and I learned a lesson (I hope) yesterday. I appreciate what you're saying, too, about us not remembering the good acts and the decent people so well.

Manatee - again, thank you. It' wasn't a pleasant experience. And yes, I won;t ever forget the M25 murder, in fact there are family connections with that in my hometown.

I don't take your comments as preaching - purely as good advice which, hopefully, I will follow if anything like this happens again. You are *so* right about the mistaken assumption that people are going to be reasonable! A very good point which I guess we should all remember. Thank you.

Blue - hello! It's great to *see* you! Yeah it was pretty awful at the time. I was in a daze as it happened to be honest, but afterwards I was a quivering wreck!

As above, I won't write it off, no way (had to get a new battery yesterday before The Incident, want my money's worth!), but I think I will have to live with the dents. Money's a bit tight at this time of year - just, as said before, furious that I was the one that has caused the first damage to an 11 year old car!

AOL (AIM) yes, soon as possible. I don't even have it on the computer at the momsnt, because of all the problems we've been having, but I'll get in touch by email if I continue to have internet access - very touch and go at the mo! Take care.

Again, thanks for all comments and advice, which will be sorely heeded in future.

Astra Attacked - Hugo {P}
If it's any comfort HF, I bet that car will NEVER be shown any curtesy by ANY of Rob's bus driving colleagues in the future!!

Astra Attacked - HF
Well, Hugo, if that is the case then I presume I am well within my rights to aim 7 or 8 well-precisioned karate-style kicks at the rear of each bus which does not give my beloved the respect it deserves. (the car, not Rob - he hasn't yet been reduced to being called an 'it'. ;))
Astra Attacked - Hugo {P}
Sorry I meant the other car - not your astra.

Astra Attacked - M.M
I'm sorry to say it more forcefully than others but you bought all of this on yourself HF.

No-one has a *right* to any particular space and it is possible to make a mistake and drive into one someone else thinks is theirs.

I've done it and been walking away firing the remote lock before a shout comes..."oi that was my space". Well pardon me but do I really need to watch the cctv replay, say sorry , get in my car and look for somewhere else. No I walk off and do my shopping.

The thing is parking spaces are always "neutral" ground but the moment you tapped on the window you started to invade their space...and then the moment Rob "tapped" on the boot he seriously invaded their personal space.

Folks get stabbed behaving like you two....doesn't make it right but it happens.

Self preservation and defensive behaviour at all times can prolong your life!! In the car park just as on the road.

Astra Attacked - HF

I take your point, and I have to say I agree with you. If I had not got out of the car in the first place (even though it *was* with polite intentions) none of this would have happened. Which is why I am so angry at myself.

I *would* beg to differ, however, about the fact that this pair innocently drove into the space. I have, like you, seen that happen on many occasions and - well, it just happens, doesn't it?!

Perhaps my overreaction was down to Xmas shopping nerves - which doesn't excuse me at all, I know, but at this time of year it's impossible to find parking which is why I feel that these two thought they'd pip us to the post.

What I cannot explain here, because of course most of you don't come from around here (and naively I don't know whether this is an across-the-country thing or not) is that we have an awful big contingent of what has, over the years, become known, rightly or wrongly, as the 'Pikey' community. (the people with Rolls Royces parked up in their front gardens alongside the shopping trollies). These people will stop at nothing, and truly are beyond the law.

I think we may have been unlucky in that I feel these two were of that kind of community or at least of that mentality. (hope that's ok to say).

But, M.M, you are absolutely right. And possibly, had I not been told by Rob to get back in the car I might have been stabbed there and then. Who knows?

I have learned a lesson that I knew long ago, only seem to have forgotten recently - keep away from confrontation at all times.

Thanks for your post. I'm ashamed to say that I cannot disagree with any of it.

Keep safe all, please.

Astra Attacked - GroovyChick{P}
HF sorry to hear about your horrible experience.

Unfortunately in this day and age we cannot do anything. I have to agree that I would have probably done what you did. Only this week I plucked up courage to say something to someone who was Q jumping in a shop. I got the mutters of something not repeatable but I was quite within my rights.

I do think people become more aggressive in their cars and there is no need for it. What kind of world have we made ourselves live in.

Take care and Happy Xmas, hope this hasn't put you off shopping as you are all keeping me in a job ;-)

Astra Attacked - HF
GC Thanks for that.

I know exactly what you mean about not even being able to say something in a shop, when people barge in front of you. (and the plucking up of courage in the first place is quite an achievement sometimes, isn't it? To find yourself then pushed down is quite crushing). Took me a lot to try and stick up for our parking space - sounds pathetic but it did. And, despite this thread having differing viewpoints, I don't disagree with anythinmg anyone has yet said. (Unless anyone has mentioned *truly* getting rid of the Astra - if so I've missed it, and may a thousand holly leaves come tumbling down around their shoulders).

Season of goodwill to all men, eh?

Happy Xmas to you too, and to everyone else here. I was never into shopping in the first place but this time of year it's a kind of 'needs must' thing isn't it?!

Take care, and (assuming you are working in a shop?) I hope us maruading customers don't give you too much hassle.

Astra Attacked - Hugo {P}
How are you M.M? Haven't heard from you for a while.

Whist I have benefitted greatly from your wisdom in the past. I am sorry but I must disagree with some of what you have said.

Yes, HF and Rob should have opted for the "go somewhere else" mode, but that does not justify the behaviour of the other party, who seemed to justify criminal damage to the Back Room Astra on the basis of a few choice words. This idiot needs to take responsibility for his own actions, not simply blame them on other people. That is why HF IMO should have pressed charges. Her details would have been kept private from the other party.

However, practically speaking we all have to assume that the other driver is a cycotic zombee, unless we know different or we see that Astra (in which case we know the driver is a....) ;-)


Astra Attacked - HF
...fantastic, youthful and wonderful lady, fitting in perfectly with that old Jerry Hall quote. With a car that could quite easily do significant damage to people that are not nice to its owner.

Agree with both you and MM, Hugo - I know I was wrong to do something, but at the same time, as ND says, there is still the 'don't let 'em get away with it' attitude too.

Jury still out on whether to leave this or not. At the moment it's about 10-2 in favour of trying to forget about it, because I just feel bad about harming my own car, which probably sounds pathetic.

Astra Attacked - puntoo
Now I am not being condescending here (or using big words that I have probably spelt incorrectly) but have you considered a self defence class, what if you were to meet them again on your own (or worse with just your children).

The only reason that the low lifes get away with it is that nobody stands up to them.
Astra Attacked - mal
Sorry but I'm with Halmer on this one.
I was in a similar decision making predicament a while back.
My car needed 2 new doors when it was hit on the side while parked outside my elderly parents house. Their house was one of a row of specialy adapted bungalows which should never have been built in the less than desirable area they were in.
Needless to say I was livid when I seen the state of my car and soon discovered who was responsible as they had the gall to park their car, along with some of my paintwork, less than 100 yards away.
As I said this was a less than desirable area and the scum responsible were not the type of lowlife you would like to mess with.
A neighbour had by now appeared on the scene and calmed me down and I eventualy made the decision to turn the other cheek and pretend that I did not know who had collided with my car.
Had I not made this decision I would have been worried sick for my parents plus I would never have beeen able to park my car safely outside their house anymore.
Call me soft,stupid, or whatever you like but I know that I made the right decision at the time.
Regards Mal.
Astra Attacked - HF
Puntoo, you are certainly not being condescending (or, as far as I know, spelling incorrectly!) in what you say.

It's a very valid point, and I have in fact often considered self-defence courses. More recently, I have been looking into them for my kids, but unfortunately at the moment football and, of course, rugby, are far more cool. Perhaps if someone could provide a national hero Judo champion or something....? I am not belittling your point - and you are right, if I was to come across those people tomorrow and they recognised me there's a chance that I might be in serious trouble. However, if danger to my kids was involved, I truly think the instinct would take over and anyone who tried anything would hopefully regret it. I don't know but I hope so.

Mal - no need to be sorry, your point is as valid as everyone else's here. and I have to say I am still in agreement with everyone's points, both those who can see why I did what I did and those who think I was stupid. You were totally right in what you did, self (and family) preservation is always first and foremost.

I think I will shut up for the night, but I do appreciate seeing both sides of the situation.

Thanks again all,

Astra Attacked - teabelly
People aren't psychic and may not have realised you intended to park in that space . If the incident occurred in bright sunshine then it is possible the reversing light wasn't visible so they wouldn't have had a chance to realise that you intended to park in that space. Sometimes it is better to go straight into a space forwards rather than reverse if there aren't many spaces available as it lessens the chance of someone else bagging it before you do.

A parking space is never worth losing your life over so try not to get upset with people that behave in this way. Nicking a parking space isn't a criminal offence it is just down right rude. Getting out of your car and walking over to them could be construed as behaving in a threatening manner regardless of whether the victims are scumbags or decent people.

Think calm thoughts and hope that karma will prevail and said scumbags will either get their spaces pinched or a grand piano will fall on their heads :-)

Astra Attacked - borasport20

sorry to hear about your problems. An experience like that is frightening and unsettling.

At this unearthly hour of the morning I dont think I can add anything positive, but I think you'll be mulling over all the responses to your post, and for the sake of a quiet christmas and your peace of mind the thing to do is accept that you are a mature human being, your 'opponents' were anything but, you are going to carry on with you life without letting them upset you

take care

Bora - what Bora ?
Astra Attacked - M.M
Hello Hugo. My post didn't mean to imply support for the actions of the "thugs"...or that HF shouldn't take it further re insurance/Police. But in reality the fact that HF/Rob would admit the first "blows", however mild, would somewhat undermine any case they might have.

HF thanks for taking my comments in the way they were phrased, however stern they look on re-reading. I was interested by your comments on a certain group that might behave as your chaps did. Actually I was going to say that on the outskirts of our local city there is an area where you never ever take on lads in vehicles. If you do more that look at them in the wrong way they "will" run into you at the lights, drive off at speed and within minutes their vehicle will be seen burning in a field next to....well you can guess.

My whole attitude to these "clashes" between people is to cooly think right at the start..."what do I want to get out of this?" If the answer was a parking space and to do my shopping then the best answer was to pretend I wasn't actually reversing into "that" space and promptly look for another. If I wanted a fight with a completely unknown end result I might have banged on the window.

Road rage is near impossible unless two play the game.


Astra Attacked - Canon Fodder

Very sorry to hear of this traumatic incident. I too have a bit of a temper and have been to known to initiate a confrontation, although over the years I've gradually managed to regain control of my emotions.

As to whether to pursue this matter, there are a couple of quotes that spring to mind.

The first, from 'Pulp Fiction', is where the gangster is ordering the boxer to throw a fight...
"When your ass goes down in the fifth, you might feel a little sting - but thats just pride, messing with you.

The second, origin unknown, is....
"A coward dies many times in his lifetime; the valiant tasteth death but once".

Noble as the second one sounds, I'd take the sting of another 'little death' and let it drop.

Best wishes,

Astra Attacked - No Do$h
The second, origin unknown, is....
\"A coward dies many times in his lifetime; the valiant tasteth
death but once\".

Although this is quoted in \"The Human Stain\", a recently released film, it is taken from From Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-37) by our beloved bard.

Isn\'t Google great?
Astra Attacked - Canon Fodder

quoted in "The Human Stain", a recently released film,

Clear my diary for Friday night, that sounds like a feel-good film - is it what they call a 'rom-com' ND?
Astra Attacked - No Do$h
Er, feelgood is not the way I would describe it based on the reviews. Not even sure it's released in the UK yet, although it had an October release in the US.

You can see the details and trailer here.

Absolutely NOT a comedy by any stretch of the imagination.
Astra Attacked - HF
Teabelly - I see your point, but it *was* very obvious that we were trying to park. The incident was in a multistorey carpark, and we had swung round into parking mode, and Rob had begun reversing into the space.

However, you are absolutely right that a parking space is not worth risking my life for! As I said, I now see that I was stupid and it was a heat of the moment thing.

I am almost wetting myself now at the thought of those scummy heads being crushed by a grand piano!

Bora - blimey you were up late! Even I get to bed earlier than that these days. Ta for your post - I\'m still upset about what happened, but I know people like that are not worth the angst. By the way, what on earth made you think that I\'m a mature human being? ;) You take care too.

M.M - yes you may have sounded stern, but you were absolutely right nonetheless. It\'s interesting that you say you also have certain people in an area on the outskirts of your city - seems it\'s not confined to Orpington then!

My mistake was *not* to have thought at the start. Actually I cannot believe how stupid I was, having read all the posts and had another think about it. All over a bleedin\' parking space - I feel knee high to a grasshopper at this precise moment.

CF - Thank you. As I said, I have learned from this incident and everyone\'s points, and will not in future initiate any confrontation (at least that\'s the aim).

To add to your quotes, I will just mention the final scene in a very old but favourite film of mine, \'Angels with Dirty Faces\', where, in the end, the \'hero\' screams for mercy to show the kids that he\'s a coward after all.

ND - stop showing off! ;)

Darn it, my bath has just runneth over. Back later, if access is permitted.

Cheers all.

Astra Attacked - Dynamic Dave

Sorry to hear about the Astra. Are the dents shallow, or has the moron who did it creased the panels? You might be able to either pull most of the dent out with a dent puller (large suction cup ##) or remove the inner door trim card and push out from inside.


On a slightly separate note, a similar thing once happened to me; that is someone nicked *my* parking space. As luck would have it, just after he locked up and walked away, a space became available in the next bay. I parked the nearside of my car to within an inch of their drivers side. It was my beaten up old Allegro so I didn't give a stuff about it getting damaged further than it already was. I can just imagine the driver either sqeezing in through the passenger door (fairly tight gap that side as well, due to idiot parking close to a wall) or doing a HF and clambering in through the boot ;o)
Astra Attacked - No Do$h
Must be a BL/AustinRover thing.

A few years back I returned to my car outside the local cinema to find a battered Mini parked a few inches from my driver's door at an odd angle across the parking bay. The side of my car was a mass of scratches and there was a clear dent to my rear door where the passenger had clumped it with the Mini door.

Looking at the state of the car it was obvious that a few retaliatory scratches were unlikely to be noticed so my friends and I bumped the mini up onto the landscaped area behind the parking spaces, making sure to wedge on the of the short fence posts under the rear wing. We then let the tyres down......

No idea how they got it off there, but I bet they started to pay a bit more attention to how they parked after that.
Astra Attacked - Pugugly {P}

"so my friends and I bumped the mini up onto the landscaped area behind the parking spaces..."

Astra Attacked - No Do$h
Well in that case you owe me £280 for two doors to be resprayed. I in turn will happily pump up your tyres.

Astra Attacked - borasport20
Bora - blimey you were up late!

The joys of being on call for a week and getting called at 2:05 in the morning - still expected to do a days work today tho' !!

Bora - what Bora ?
Astra Attacked - Andrew-T
HF, sorry to hear of your ordeal. Clearly, the rational thing to have done is to avoid starting a confrontation which could obviously have gone nowhere as they were already in 'your' parking space.

But it's nice to imagine a scenario where you and Rob had driven to the building site next door, waited for the scum to enter the supermarket, then lobbed a brick through their screen and gone shopping somewhere else.
Astra Attacked - Dynamic Dave
HF, sorry to hear of your ordeal. Clearly, the rational thing
to have done is to avoid starting a confrontation which could
obviously have gone nowhere as they were already in 'your' parking

It's at times like this when you wish you'd had a Hummer - and just park on top of the offending vehicle.
Astra Attacked - paulb {P}
It's at times like this when you wish you'd had a
Hummer - and just park on top of the offending vehicle.

...or a Sherman tank - I remember seeing a Kenny Everett sketch on TV about 17 years ago, involving one of those and a rather unfortunate Mini - anyone else recall this?

HF, in all seriousness, I sympathise - got road-raged at myself a few months back, not as seriously as in your incident, but not a lot of fun all the same. Would have had ample scope for retaliation against other driver's car or indeed house, as he lives less than half a mile away, but what point? Just brings me down to his miserable level. Pond life, the lot of them.
Astra Attacked - helicopter
HF , My old mum used to say, don't get angry , get even.

I had to laugh at the CCTV film on TV recently of the lady who was in the same position as you , just about to reverse into a space in the multi storey when a toerag drove straight in and walked away laughing at her.

A few minutes later she returned, furtive glance and took the air out of all his tyres. Great stuff.

I have to say however it is best to just walk away. Its not worth the aggravation.
Astra Attacked - No Do$h

Says it all really.....
Astra Attacked - BMDUBYA
HF I am very sorry to hear about your incedent. Although I agree with M.M's sentiments, I feel that you did the right
thing if we lived in a civilised society, however after being on the recieving end of a number of incidents like yours I have decided that self preservation is the best policy, just turn the other cheek, let the other party get the high blood pressure and heart attack.
As hard as it is, just let it go, like other posts have pointed out, you don't know who is in the other car. I have taken a view that I am trying to re-educate people by trying to drive with manners and courtesy, my hope is that people will see that it is nicer to behave like this and they will follow suit. I have to say I get a nice feeling when I have let the Bus pull out, or let the oncoming car pass me in a narrow street, much better than feeling that I "Got one up on him".
Before you know it this attitude will spread, people will be letting each other out of junctions and giving up parking spaces, just imagine the newspaper headlines:-)) OK I can live in hope.

Well it is christmas, forget what happend and enjoy the festive season.
Astra Attacked - eMBe {P}

>>What I cannot explain here, because of course most of you don't come from around here (and naively I don't know whether this is an across-the-country thing or not) is that we have an awful big contingent of what has, over the years, become known, rightly or wrongly, as the 'Pikey' community. (the people with Rolls Royces parked up in their front gardens alongside the shopping trollies). These people will stop at nothing, and truly are beyond the law. >>

I too agree with M.M and teabelly. I don't see how the race of the other people comes in to it. They accidentally or maybe deliberately (we don't know which) took "your" parking space. You knocked on their window, and Rob thumped their car.
Astra Attacked - M.M

After a bit of a spat a while ago that's the third time in agreement this year now.

Which of us should be the more worried!

Astra Attacked - Rob the Bus {P}

Try living round here for a while. Then you will know exactly what HF means. It is real, and it happens.

Yes, I slapped their car but did not intend to cause any damage. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it eMBe?

Rational thought evaporates in a situation like that. My main concern was to protect HF and get her out of the situation as soon as possible. Lord alone knows what made me slap the boot of the other car, but I did. Of course, I wish I hadn't same as HF wishes she hadn't got out of our car in the first place.

And "our" space was taken deliberately. I'd pulled across the lane, had my reversing lights on, and was indicating my intention. It could not have been clearer.

However, we have both learnt our lesson and while I hate to concede to the bullies and let them get away with it, I'd rather do that than end up in hospital. After all, it's only a bloomin' parking space.


Astra Attacked - Rob the Bus {P}
>>Yes, I slapped their car but did not intend to cause any damage. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it eMBe?<<

Oops! In between those two sentences there should be another:

Unlike the moron who was raining kicks at our car with the clear intention of causing damage - is that excusable?



Astra Attacked - SteveH42
Much as I hate being forced to back down, I think you both did the right thing in getting out of there ASAP and not pressing the matter. I had a sort of similar situation once where my sister and I were crossing a busy road. A car pulled to a stop right in our path and started reversing straight towards my sister. It was dark and I think they were more intent on looking for somewhere to park than looking what was going on around them. Anyway, I slapped the drivers window to basically warn them they were about to run someone over. They stopped and I crossed behind them, but next think I know the car was flying towards us and screeched to a halt inches away and the driver was shouting and gesticulating at us. Had she or her passenger got out, I'd probably have ended up in court on GBH as I was so annoyed with them - luckily they drove off after a minute or so.

So, no matter how serious a situation, it's always best to calm things down ASAP as you never know what is going to happen. They might pull a knife or gun, you might flip and end up in court or worse. It's not nice, but sometimes it's best to walk away and I'm glad you are both still around to tell the tale.

I'm sure we all regularly suffer other drivers taking liberties - it's frustrating but retaliating usually only causes more trouble. Not sure what the answer is aside from more police patrols to catch these things and have words with the offenders..
Astra Attacked - corblimeyguvnar
Boy this makes me soo mad, these people are total scum.
But I am glad that you left sharpish, that was one wise decision!

I had a phone call from the police last week about an incident that happend to me on the motorway in the summer when a prat side swipped me and sped off, i did contemplate chasing but as it was a company car to be honest couldnt be bothered.
Anyway the phone call was to tell me they know who the driver was, the car is not registered in his name but he is well known to them, he has been done for various drug related crimes, assaults etc etc, currently on the run for some crime or other.
So, if i had cuaght up with him and managed to 'persuade' him to stop gord knows what would have been the result.
A lucky escape maybe.

Lovely country in which we live isnt it!

Drink Lager Talk Piffle
Astra Attacked - James_Jameson
It's incredible isn't it that criminal damage and threatening behaviour can be inflicted in that way and the police are not interested.

However, there are other forms of instant "justice" where you are considered guilty without any trial. I won't go into detail otherwise this will turn into a speed camera thread.
Astra Attacked - HF
Many thanks for all the supportive messages. I've been very amused by all the tales of revenge, and wish I'd got it in me to have done similarly. However, no doubt I'd have been caught on CCTV and would be the one who ended up getting done for criminal damage.

It's very sad that society has become like this, and just wish we could return to the days where courtesy and respect formed part of the general human psyche.

DD - I'm interested in the gadget in your link, and may well give it a go - thanks. I think though that the damage is 'creased', it looks that way to me, but hopefully it may be correctable. Does the device actually pull out dents so that they are smooth again?

James_Jameson, to give the police their due, it wasn't actually that they were uninterested. In the end I decided not to pursue anything because I am a coward and didn't want to face a petrol bomb dropping through my letter box at dead of night. The police have the registration number of the car, and have said that they will keep my 'case' on record to assist them if said car is caught doing anything else unsavoury.

Anyway, enough of me. Thanks again to all who posted.

Astra Attacked - Dynamic Dave
DD - I'm interested in the gadget in your link, and
may well give it a go - thanks. I think though
that the damage is 'creased', it looks that way to me,
but hopefully it may be correctable. Does the device actually pull
out dents so that they are smooth again?

I used one to pull a dent out of my sisters car. It came out sucessfully. OK, if you caught it in the right light you could see a flat spot in the panel, but a lot less noticeable than the huge dent that was there beforehand, and it meant she can now wind down the window again.

It all depends on where the dent is, if close to the edge, then will be difficult to pull out using the suction cup, but if in the middle, it should just *pop* out.

ps, these suction cups can be bought from various places, the link I provided was only to show you what they looked like. Can also be used to carry glass with as well.
Astra Attacked - No Do$h
I have received the following post from a regular backroomer who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. After careful thought I have agreed to the request that this be posted without any indication of the originator. This is a one off will not be repeated. Any speculation posted on the origin of the text will be deleted and, if repeated, will result in accounts being disabled.

No Dosh

HF and Rob, not to minimise your experience, but maybe to help you put it in perspective?

In March I had a colonoscopy, small polyp removed but "something bigger" was found that could not be removed in that operation.

So around 6 months wondering if it was the big C, organising finances, lists of how to pay bills and call plumbers and writing notes to my wife and kids and drinking tea at all hours of the night - I think my family suffered more than I did.

In September the adenoma was removed and the biopsy showed that it was benign - my wife says that I have returned from having a pain in the **** to being one.

You have Rob and he has you -forget these animals and have a Good Christmas

Astra Attacked - HF
I'd just like to say thank you to the anonymous poster.

I'm very sorry to hear what you've been through, and stories like this really do put such trivial matters as our little incident into perspective.

Both Rob and myself are no strangers to the sort of ordeal you have been through, and I am just so glad that you have come through it all with a clean bill of health. It must have been hell and I feel for you and your family.

Well done for getting through it - and, again, thank you for writing.

Happy Christmas to you too.

DD - thanks for the extra info. The dents are around the petrol cap, and do run to the edge of the car. No harm in giving it a try though, and, at the end of the day the above poster is absolutely right - not worth losing any more sleep over.

Astra Attacked - Maz
at the end of the day the above poster is absolutely right - not worth losing any more sleep over.

My car was kicked by a motorcyclist many moons ago. I saw red and gave chase at ridiculous speeds. I know for a fact I scared him because I got close enough to see the rider and got the registration number. It felt great.

Then as weeks went by I thought about the stupid dent and the dangerous chase, and I began to realise how rash and immature I was.

I guess what I'm trying to say HF is that perspective will come, and you are right to move on. 'The pangs of your sadness will pass as your senses will rise'.
alleged murder over parking bust-up - Dalglish
from bbc-scotland today

"Murder charge over parking row
A woman has been charged with murder following an alleged row at a car boot sale in Glasgow. ...
The alleged row is believed to have been over a parking space.
... etc. "

alleged murder over parking bust-up - HF
My incident was a very long time ago now, Dalglish, but I thank you for your input.

For me, times and circumstances have changed, and I would like to think I would never be that stupid again.

Finally, Mal's comment, which I did not see before, 'The pangs of your sadness will pass as your senses will rise' is very true, and is certainly a lesson to me in many ways. Thank you, very belatedly, for that, Mal.


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