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Can anyone recommend a brand of screenwash? I recently ran out, and bought a bottle from a petrol station (a 'cheaper' chain, ie not Esso, Shell, BP etc), and filled the washer, topping up with water,. Since, every use has resulted in a white residue being left on the screen as it dries. Really annoying! I'm tempted to go with the OE fluid supplied by SEAT, VW etc. Anyone any other thoughts? Halfords any good? Or another petrol station??


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screenwash - teabelly
I use halfords own brand double concentrate. I have had not bother with it. Autoglym do one so I would expect that to be even better.
screenwash - terryb
I always buy the pre-mixed stuff from a French hypermarket. Hyper/Super-U and Leclerc seem the best.

screenwash - mal
I have always used the cheap supermarket brands and found them ok ie Asda, Morrisons etc, usually £2.99 gal for concentrate.
On the same subject have you seen what they charge in service stations, I have seen "ready to use" at up to £3.99 gal, what a total rip-off, dearer even than the petrol they sell!.
screenwash - stackman
Concerning the white deposit left on the screen, more often than not this is due to using hard water which leaves chalky deposits on evaporation.

If you topped up your washer bottle from a garage tap in a hard water area then you will experience this problem. We live in such an area and had this problem until we fitted a domestic water softener in the plumbing. Since then no white smears.
screenwash - paulb {P}
We use the Autoglym dilute-it-yourself stuff and it is very good, provided you don't mind carrying a bottle of bright lairy pink liquid around with you! :-)
screenwash - Sooty Tailpipes
I like the Halford's double concentrate best of all, especially the one with the apple fragrance. Takes up less room in the cupboard than bix watered down gallon-sized things. Works very well too.
screenwash - PhilW
I found Halfords wash to be a bit smeary. I now stick to Carplan which seems to vary in price though I did see it in Woolies recently for £2.99 a gallon. Decosol is also good but a bit more expensive though it is very concentrated. I live in a very hard water area and neither smear. Ready mixed seems to be a rip-off to me - much more expensive, though if you run dry on the motorway you don't have much choice.
It always amazes me that, when following cars at night you can often see incredibly filthy/smeared screens that makes you wonder if some people ever put any wash in their bottles. New blades make a big difference also - I always change mine in Autumn and spring - hate dirty screens!
screenwash - GroovyChick{P}
I've bought one from Asda £2.48 for 5litres, seems to be Ok and I am one for using my screenwash far too much as my other half keeps pointing out.
screenwash - No Do$h
It's one of those things you tend to spot if you hang around long enough..... did you know that there are 84 posts on the subject of screenwash? Granted, we've had more on the humble mat, but that thread was a touch contrived....

Last covered in depth here:
screenwash - mal
Ahh shucks No Dosh, that's nothing compared to the number of posts on "greed cameras". :)
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halfords were doing a five litre for £3.99 and buy one get one free i seem to have no problems with it yet
screenwash - blank
Halfords 5L cans seems like reasonably good tackle to me too. I prefer the VW one though which has a really stringent chemically smell and seems to work exceptionally well.
screenwash - Clanger
I live in a hard water area and use Decosol. Never had any probs with it.

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