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profligate councils - CM
Two examples which are beginning to get me annoyed (as my council tax is ever increasing)

(1) A bus lane which is less than 1 mile long is being put in and the wide pavements being reduced. OK - no problem with that. But work started in September and is not due to finsih until February causing chaos. Cost I hear is over £1m which makes it quite expensive considering it is only about ½ mile.

(2) The council is installing a raised brick crossing at the end of the road (ie it is the same height as the pavement). Workers do one side then the other and then come back to do the first side as it is way way too high. The workers are now on their 3rd week on some useless and no doubt expensive bit of brick work designed to stop cars using it but in reality will have NO affect at all.

Does the average council tax payer have any recourse for such wastes (apart from with the ballot box)?

The council in question - Hammersmith & Fulham
profligate councils - OldPeculiar
To add to the list of gripes:

Installing cycle lanes as traffic calming measures, a road I travel on daily in my town has a cycle path running parallel to it for it's length and seperated by a 6 foot grass verge - nice and safe for the innocent cyclist. However the council has decided that the road is to large and so have narrowed the lanes by introducing a cycle lane (on the same side of the road as well) so now you have two cycle lanes, in parallel 6 feet apart.
profligate councils - Hawesy1982
In Watford they have re-layed a street-full of speed 'cushions' three times in the last 2 years because they kept building them illegally high. I really do wonder where they get town planners from that can make errors like these, OP's example above is one of many im sure
profligate councils - Dipstick
Large layby built on the A14 just outside Cambridge last year, at a cost of over 600K. As soon as it was finished, it was decreed the exit onto the A14 was "too dangerous" and it was instantly shut (same day), never to re-open. There it sits with a no entry sign on it.

We also had months of watching some traffic lights being installed at a nearby roundabout, with attendant roadworks. Finally they lit up. The queues they caused stretched back down the A14 and then M11 for miles. Next day they were turned off, never to turn on again. They have now, with attendant roadworks, been removed.

profligate councils - NitroBurner
It's the same wherever you go these days...

A friend of mine's daughter is severely disabled. You would not believe the trouble she had getting an electric wheelchair a while ago!

YET...The council took it upon themselves to waste around £200k block paving a sidestreet earlier this year...

Put 'em all against a wall...

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