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My wife has been disabled in a rear end shunt and can no longer turn her head to the left, or rotate her upper body very well to compensate. Reversing is a problem, and the specialist professional disability advisers can only recommend additional mirrors (they say this is the hardest disability to help people with). These fall off the windscreen anyway (the sticky pads cannot take the extra weight).

But in these days of small covert cameras and Nissan Primeras with reversing TV images (she doesn\'t want as big a car as the Primera), does anyone know if such items can be sourced and retrofitted on cars?

Thaks for any help anyone can give.
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The only trouble with cameras. they don't tell you how close you are to something on the screem. and as you get close to say a concrete wall in a multi-story, the picture will just be grey all over no matter how close you are.

Look at the good quality reversing sensors, which beep faster and faster as you get nearer the obstruction, until the beep is continuos. Most have a visual distance indication too.

Good luck.
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Look in for 'car reversing aids' plenty of solutions given.

Davy S.

Oops, where did that screw go!!
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The company I work for, Truck and Trailer components sells camera kits for the Truck industry. The camera is quite compact (about 5in x 2in) and ideal for your wifes problem. It will accomodate 12v so is usuable in a car and comes with a 5in monitor. There are other systems we do with colour LCD monitors too). If you want more information, contact any Partco/Serck branch. They can show you details of the many systems available from us (sorry, we don't sell to the public). Alternatively, give me your Postcode and I can give you your nearest

Hope this helps

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Many thanks for the replies. I'll check out the local Partco/Serck option and the web site suggested.


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