Help in identifying Postman Pat\'s van - No Do$h
Mrs No Dosh is a puzzled pixie.

On her daily commute to Dorchester she saw a van of unusual appearance and knowing what a fine bunch her husband corresponds with on that internet thingy, set me the task of finding its origins.

Best described as looking like Postman Pat\'s van, very upright and boxlike at the rear (absolutely vertical rear doors) with prominent wheelarches and, most puzzlingly, what appeared to be a tube/rollbar running from the front bumper, along the top edge of the wing and up the A pillar. Wasn\'t able to discern whether the bar continued across the top of the screen.

The bonnet was short, rather low and had a pronounced curve, almost like that of a 2CV but starting lower down.

It was white in colour, but the bars were bright yellow.

Similar in appearance to a Citroen Berlingo, but closer to the Ford Courier in size. Her initial thoughts were that it was likely to be an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Any takers?
Help in identifying Postman Pat's van - patpending
hi there No Dosh!

whilst being able to tell my trent from my piddle I have no idea what size a "ford courier" is.

might Mrs No Dosh have seen a Nissan S-Cargo? a most wonderful vehicle...

Help in identifying Postman Pat's van - henry k
Is it a

with some sort of bullbar type protectors?
Help in identifying Postman Pat\'s van - No Do$h
And the prize goes to Mr Pat(how appropriate)Pending. A ford courier was a fiesta based van with a hi-cube rear, so similar in size and concept to the s-cargo.

There are now squeals of delight from Mrs No Dosh. Easily pleased, I\'m glad to say.

Nice to know you are familiar with your Dorset rivers.....

Help in identifying Postman Pat's van - patpending
The S-Cargo is certainly a different looking sort of van, with a name and an appearance like that no way you could complain if it had the performance of a snail!

wonder what l'escargot thinks of it?

there were even light-up "antennae" at the front...

at the time there were several great concept cars from Japan, the Nissan Figaro was like a diminutive Wolseley Hornet...guaranteed to get positive reactions form other road users I would have thought.


PS Thanks for the gen on the "courier". You will see I am selectively lazy about what I look up on Google as "piddle" and "trent" are the same river but I can't remember the name of the one that goes through Dorchester!*

*PPS Frome ( I looked it up)


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