Thank you to someone or other - Clanger
Over the past few years I've bodged and hacked my way around the engine bays of many cars and have been unlucky or unskilled enough to wring the heads off several bolts. Apart from trashing all but 2 of the long cylinder head studs in the engine of an Austin Cambridge, all these incidents have been steel bolts going into alloy castings. So it was with some trepidation that I changed the thermostat on the Synergie yesterday to cure a persistent coolant weep from the underside of the housing and erratic engine temperature.

Anyway, the thermostat housing is a plastic moulding with 3 metal collars where the bolts hold it on to an alloy casting, and far from being a problem, the bolts turned almost immediately and spun out nicely. This seems to be due to a dark coating on the bolts, and the most difficult bit of the whole operation was liberating the new thermostat from its reinforced plastic bag.

So, thank you to the guys who have finally acknowledged the existence of electrolytic corrosion and done something about it.

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